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Trying to print gears
I've been trying to print the Botmobile gears (ABS) unsuccessfully on my new 1.0 printer. They seemed to print decently on my 2.0, but not this one.
I've tried the xyz filament and my Hatchbox filament. I originally printed the hatchbox gears at 215/70.
You can hopefully see the gears have bowed in the middle.
Unfortunately I have the new 1.0A version, and cannot use repetier, and xyzmod is broken, so i have no choice but to use the stock software.
i am printing at 90%, .1mm, slow speed. The temp default to 215/90.
The pictures show the red XYZ filament.

I am trying to print with a hairdryer set to low inside the enclosure in hopes to limit the cooling and contraction of the part.

Does anyone have any idea how I can print these successfully?

Ignore the raft:

[Image: 20141215_215404.jpg][Image: 20141215_215413.jpg]
I had similar problems with printing a 25mm cube on my 1.0. The solution was to lower the bed temperature after the first layer. Though the layer start/end points lining up had some affect as well. See this thread. If you can't modify the g-code, maybe using a fan after the first layer might do it.

I don't think the problem is shrinking of the ABS. I think that for small parts the ABS doesn't have enough time too cool before the next layer is applied. So the heat builds up in the layers closest to the bed, the layers collapse slightly inward, causing the bowing.
I still haven't had any luck. I tried inserting a heat source as mentioned above - no luck.
I used the same white filament I used to print the original gears on the 2.0 - no luck.
I tried yellow, and green filaments - no luck. (Green has been the best printing on the 2.0.)
I just reprogrammed the cartridge to mirror the settings of my Duo 218/70, instead of 210/90.

Unfortuantely now I have a 100cfm fan evacuating air out of the chamber, so the decreased temperature may negatively affect. (My health has been bad since I started printing. It is definatley the ABS fumes. This new exhaust should mitigate.)

I'll see what happens.

The whole point of buying this unit was to print a new carriage for the Duo. With this warping problem, doesnt look like it's going to do it.

Here is a part partially printed at 30% infill about 3x2x1cm. Bowing is brutal.

[Image: 20141227_203347.jpg][Image: 20141227_203426.jpg]
Just printed using the temperatures I mentioned above: 215/70.

Here the difference 20C makes.
As a matter of fact, the prints stick better at this temperature, and are more difficult to take off once cooled. The prints pop of practically sneezing on them when cooled after printing at 90C bed temp. My gears are printing now. They look the quality when I printed in my Duo. I may try 60C and see if I can perfect the print.

[Image: 20141227_234850.jpg][Image: 20141227_234945.jpg]

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