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Custom Firmware
Does the Repetier firmware support the Duo?
Yes and No. I really depends on the board you have inside the DaVinci 2.0. The new boards are not supported I hear, but if you're lucky to have picked up a Due with a not so new circuit board, the Repetier software can support it.
I have one of the 'older' Duo 2.0's and the software works just fine. It took me a while though to get it all going.
So, open the lid on your Duo and check out what kind of board you have in there. There are 5 driver chips for the stepper motors, located pretty much in the middle, upper part of the main board. If they are soldered directly on the board, then you have the latest greatest XYZ board in there and you're out of luck for right now. But if these drivers are on a small separate circuit board, protruding from the main board, then you're lucky and Repetier will work for you.
I have a duo with the motor drivers in sockets - - - - trying to update the firmware. - - -

problem seems to be that the XYZ windows software latest version will not allow access to any file except from there server - - - -
disconnected the internet and waited as suggested - - 10 plus minutes later - - still saying retry

any suggestion.

Jim P
having troubles updating the firmware.

I have the XYZ duo (dual extruder) when updated to the latest windows software, the response with no internet is - - can not connect - try again later.
so deleted the software and loaded the version that came on the CD when Update firmware is selected it tried and when canceled the windows file selection form came up. Good so far, I directed to and selected the repetier firmware repetier-0.91-alpha-davinci10.bin and get this error message Error FW version

note the firmware in the printer is 2.0 J

any clues to why the error message and more important - - how to install - - -
note I have an earlier version of the Main board - - the driver chips are mounted in sockets and not soldered in.

Thanks Jim P
I never could get the bin method working correctly, so I had to use the source method, Worked perfectly and wasn't much harder. I put a guide together in the User to User Support forum here if you want to check it out. Maybe it will help!
does your method provide for dual extruders? if so I will give it a try.

Jim P
Anyone get both extruders working with Repetier Firmware and the Duo? I'm holding off switching Firmware until I know I can get the second extruder working. What's the point of the Duo if you just turn it into a single extruder 1.0 machine.
I am running the Repetier firmware with no problems - - worked like a charm - - - sort J1, then used the downloader from the IDE, bing go, all was working.
both extruders, temp control the whole works. - - - - great job.

Jim P
I am planning to go to Repetier on my Duo in the next week or so. Will continue using ABS for now until I get myself up to speed on Repetier & get everything dialed in.

I have read through the process and downloaded the necessary software. The remaining questions for me relate to starting-point settings within Repetier host - 'printer settings' on the following tabs: "Printer", "Extruder", "Printer Shape"; and also slicer settings (and on what occasion would I use Slic3r vs CuraEngine)...

Anyone care to share their settings, or point me towards a good set of baseline settings?
Hi David, so how did it go for you? I am planning on switching to Repetier since I got Simplified3D and they say that ver 2.2.1 will work with Da vinci's using Repetier software.
Luckily I got the old mainboard, so I think I could switch back if I need to (haven't tried Repetier yet though)
I haven't done it yet. I have been focusing on building a print server so that I don't have to tie up a computer driving the Da Vinci once I go to Repetier. The print server I am building is here:

Hopefully I'll iron our the last issues and switch to Repetier firmware this weekend.
Running old board 2.0...flashed to repetier...and rhost. Got com up and running and saved to eeprom. Of course in firmware I edited to show its 2.0 with 2 fans. Now...cautiously checking functions. I'm not sure about travel and 0 settings in eeprom. The bed settings as well. Now we know the x travel is shortened up bc of extruder 2. But by how much? Also...the dump area I imagine is for filament boxes...left and right. But the wiper would still be utilized? Also...reported Temps are off by 4c between left and right extruders. That's cold...when all should be the same. Now...4c isn't nd of the world...and I could compensate I suppose....but best way to do it? This is a brand new machine...though old stock. It did run well under stock xyz. Any hints please from guys who have set up a 2.0 please?
I have a duo 2 too (SF) and I have 1 to 2 degres between the 2 extruders at room temperature
this may due to quality of thermistor and their tolerance, but when heating the difference has not been mesured so far - to be honest I never saw difference of behaviour when heating just at room temperature which is just for information.
I've been successful today in getting Repetier Host and Slic3r on the same page and prining neatly on the bed. I finally settled on print area of 155 x 200 (77.5 centre) and it's now "colouring within the lines", so to speak. Also added custom start and end gcode to clean things up a bit and make it a little closer to stock. Also installed a Toshiba FlashAir SD card so now I can print with no USB cable, which is extremely helpful with my configuration.

I have gone and made what I think are the appropropriate adjustments in both Repetier Host and Slic3r configuration in order to enable the second extruder. When I select an object and assign it to Extruder 2 it changes to the assigned colour in Repetier Host preview, suggesting that the software has successfully assigned it to Extruder 2. When actually printed however, Extruder 1 is used every time. It seems the extruder assignment doesn't make it over to Slic3r so the gcode file is created incorrectly. I haven't yet tried generating a print using both Extruders in the same job with Slic3r so cannot comment on whether that makes a difference.

Anyone with an old version Duo out there who is successfully using both extruders with Repetier Host firmware, what's your secret? Smile

[EDIT] I just noticed this thread: So I guess my new question is, if 2nd extruder doesn't work properly with Slic3r using Repetier Host at this time, does CuraEngine?

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