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Stepper disabled
Dear all, I am on FW 0.92 with the "J37" version of the Da Vinci 1.0.

I tried the SD card printing option today. I started out with a "0.5 mm wall" found on thingiverse (approx 15 min print job) and it worked flawlessly (I dosconnected repetier and the laptop once the job was started). Then I got cockyI tried a somewhat larger print (the female torso, ), scaled by 0.3 in slic3r (a 2 hour print) at started the print again and disconnected as before.

After an hour I got out to the printer and it was stopped at about 15% (or so) and with a message "Stepper disabled". Both the bed and extruder temperature was still up.

Any ideas what could have triggered this?
Dont know if you ever found your answer--- but this is usually caused by a USB issue that arises when unplugging the usb cable from the printer. Newer firmware has a watchdog.


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