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New non OEM main board for Davinci
Can anyone suggest a new non OEM main board that will work with the Davinci?
someone used Mega and ramps already
Thanks for the link. XYZ support is useless. I have emailed them several times and have never got one reply from them ever. If anyone has a good supplier for Davinci parts, please tell me.
Sad to read that... I'll soon be in the same boat. Have you tried calling Support by phone instead?
I have made the decision to replace the Davinci board with something cheaper and more plentiful. It looks like others have done it with some success.
Cool, make sure to document it as best as you can Smile I'm currently still in talks with support to get my board repaired/replaced, but if that fails I'll definitely jump in the boat too. If you are in the EU check this link out, it's the cheapest kit I could find with all the elements required: ebay
per specs due to light management and form factor, rumba seems also a good candidate but it is little bit more expensive
Have to ask... what happened to your board, and why won't they warranty it?

Just had my printer die today with a 0013 code, and support said "Please be informed that we are looking into this matter and will advise you regarding your replacement request within 3 working days."
His mcu glitched erasing the bootloader.

See my uh oh black bars thread.

Just read through that tread too, didn't put 2+2 together. Thanks.

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