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somebody buy Da Vinci 3D AIO ?
somebody buy this machine ?
Yes- still in early stages of beating it up; so far, while waiting for boroscillate glass order to come in to bond to original plate and Kapton tape to create a better bonding/release surface, I've extracted the micro SD card and will be installing the external cable adapter to permit wifi downloads to the unit directly via a 32GB wifi SD card.

Scanning is the Achilles heel so far; printing with stock firmware & software works reasonably well on the Mac. I've ordered a chip resetter for the carts and anticipate minimal problems with implementing generic ABS filaments.

Let me know if I can address any specific questions; I'll try to help where I can; there are many on this board that are far more knowledgeable than I; perhaps Kieth or one of the other moderators will add their voices to the AIO choir.



i buy this aio chrismas , the printer is O:K. , but forget the scanner !!!

and be carefull there is no software 1.1.1 from xyz to download if you want flash back to original Firmware !!!
Repetier dont work with the Davinci AiO !!!!

If you now a download link for 1.1.1 Firmwae , please let me know them ! im without the firmware :-(((((((((

which repetier FW do you use ?
i buy this aio Christmas , the printer is O:K. , but forget the scanner !!!
and be careful there is no software 1.1.1 from xyz to download if you want flash back to original Firmware !!!
Repetier don't work with the Davinci AiO !!!!

OMG :ohmy: this is so horrible. sorry about that bad luck my friend its really a shame. I am sure that if you could find even an intermediate level dev or programmer they would be able to port a 1.0 edition of the XYZ ware over to your machine. I have done similar ports to this but not familiar with XYZ at all and dont have the time right now...
You should be sharing this issue on every 2.0 AiO forum that you visit though for 2 reasons, 1- to spread awareness and hope others can learn from your mistakes. and 2 - to see if possibly others have made this mistake and found a fix for it.

I have heard from many sources as well that the scanner is as good as worthless on this printer. probably better off using an xBox kinect from ehat I have seen, but dang man, worthless scanner and bricked printer on top of that... double WHAMMI !! Have you tried jumping it to do a hard erase and than installing the current firmware? If that dont work and you cant find a fix I would consider wiping the controller with a hard reset and then sending it back for an RMA, even better would be if you did it within the 30 days or whatever your retailer warranty is for because they definitely wouldn't ask any questions. They just might turn it on to see that it has all black bars showing on the display and that's it, send you a new one. Good luck my friend, I feel for you man, sheesh!
Quote:which repetier FW do you use ?

*Sorry for off topic post*
Hey Luc - Not sure how to contact you so thought id try here since you are online as I am writing this. I have a question regarding your firmware. anyway I could get you to email me or google+
feel free to use issue tracker for your question(s) on fw github (
The only way to become the original 1.1.1 Firmware :
I ship the hole printer to the reseller and he flasht my board to original - for "lousy " 150 Bucks .
After this my printer runs 136 hours and show me a 0011 error ( my service parner tell me its a shorcut bei cleaning the nozzle with the brass brush what including in the set !!
Whats the hell is this ?! its a art of moneyprinting !! if i let repair this error i must be pay another 150 Bucks again ! Bull**
I will never never never buy a da vinci my friend !
Sorry for my lousy english , im a old man and in english " rust "

Thanks for your good and warm words !


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