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USB not communicating with printer
Hello, I am having some problems getting my computer to connect to my Da Vinci 2.0 two fan printer after changing from XYZware to Repetier 0.92. I think I am missing something obvious, but for the life of me I cannot find the problem. I have been up and down the posts here and I can't find a post that addresses my specific problem.
I flashed my printer using the J1 connection.
I updated the USBCore and variant .cpp files.
I downloaded both Atmel studio 6.2 and Sam-ba v2.14.
I made sure to update to Con. fig. H and I double checked that I am using the right port and board.
I am using Arduino 1.5.8.
The new Com port shows bossac device is connected.

After I flash my printer I power it off and restart it. I then connect it to my computer and use the Com port (com port 3) that the computer recognizes. I run Repetier.ino and make sure that I am using the proper board and port. I compile and load and everything goes without any problems.
At this point the Com port is changed by the computer to Com port 4 and is reading it as an Arduino device.
I check that the printer has uploaded Repetier firmware 0.92.
I open Repetier host and I hit connect and it displays a connected icon at the top left part of the screen.
However, I am not able to do anything with my printer through my computer.
If I am missing anything here, or if you need more information about my problem please get back to me.
I feel like I am missing something obvious, but at this point I frustrated and could really use some help.
Thank you in advance.
repetier need to be configured - check here

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