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Calibrating if bed is already level?
Hi all, I just got my Da Vinci 1.0 (J37 version) working with luc's repetier firmware 0.92. :cheer:

As this is the first time I am actually using repetier firmware/host I just have a short question. I have manually tested the bed levelling with a piece of paper between the nozzle and the bed and the bed seems to be quite accurately level. However after homing the bed is 3 mm _above_ the nozzle (at this point the Z coordinate says 0.0). Thus, I either need to offset my z-coordinate in the firmware or re-level my bed so it is 3 mm lower using the adjustment screws.

What is the preferred way and is it even possible to adjust the z-coordinate in the firmware?
in EEPROM change position of Zmin
I actually tried this already; I think this corresponds to changing Z home pos in repetier-host, under Config->Firmware EEPROM Configuration. And after homing it actually goes down 3 mm after this change. However the first time I manually (using the buttons on the printer) try to move the X-axis, the bed immediately goes up to the homing position (i.e. 3 mm above the nozzle) again. And now the Z-axis shows that the homing position is 3 mm (instead of initially 0 mm). So this won't work...
#4 any case I just levelled the bed a little lower... :-)
if your nozzle is 3 mm too high as position of home is for 0 you should put -3, the value does not change nozzle position when homing - it just set right position when printing
How in the heck is Z 3mm too high if you set home to be the width of a piece of paper between the bed and nozzle? Myself personally Id redo the calibration so that z home is a papers width between the bed and extruder, just so I dont have to keep going back and redoing slic3r offsets or invalidating all the files I have on the SD card. Setting home in firmware works too, but i like to leave the eeprom values as close to default as possible, so I dont have to re-enter everything when I flash new firmware.

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