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Which version of the mainboard do I have?
Hi all!

I've read on the board that there is a new version of the main board that isn't very Repetier friendly. Can someone look at the attached picture and tell me if I have the old awesome version or the new busted one?

Thank you all![Image: IMG_2030.jpg]
you have old generation for 1.0
Drivers are not directly on board and you have Jumper J1 for hard reset

new generation has drivers directly soldered on main board and no J1 for hard reset but another one
Awesome! Thank you Luc!!
If you have the newer version of the board, is there still a way to load repetier?
I have a new board. no jumper just a little solder. and I recently installed repetier and it works. it was actually less work than I thought it would be. only issue is the lcd turns off when printing and won't come back on until I reset it.
Hi, I have a da Vinci 1.0 AiO and would like to hack it, what board have you got and in what printer version, thanks Ex
Got mine just after Xmas. It says I am running 1.1.J firmware. Software
I am led to believe I need to run 0.92 hack. Not the JP1 but J37 (which I cant find.)
I tried this but just said it was the wrong FW.

Great forum. Thanks in anticipation.

Dave[Image: WP_20150101_016.jpg]
That's the old main board not the new one

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