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Printing options with the DaVinci 1.0?
Hi all!

I'm getting a DaVinci 1.0 from the wife for Christmas. I'm also a tinkerer and I can't stand not being able to get into the guts of my own stuff.

It seems like I have 4 choices and I'm hoping someone will tell me if I'm on the right track. Am I correct about the strengths/weaknesses/drawbacks of each method? Are there any that I'm missing?

Option 1 - stick with all of the stock stuff. If I keep the firmware and exe level at "J" I can use the arduino filament reset to use non-XYZ filament (which is essential since they don't have many colors that I want to use)

Option 2 - Create stuff in 3d program, export .STL files, create gcode via slic3r, xyzify it, and import it into XYZware. That way I can slice it however I wish with slic3r but I'm at the mercy of XYZware for all other printer settings and functions. Still have to use filament resetter

Option 3 - Create stuff in 3d program, export .STL files, create gcode via slic3r, xyzify it, and stick it on the sd card. Print the "sample01" job and off you go. Full control of all print functions from the gcode but I'd still have to use the arduino filament reset thingy

Option 4 - Rip out the firmware and replace it with Repetier (slightly risky), create gcode however I want, have full control over the printer, and no worries about any filament BS. This is cool but I've heard that the new versions of the hardware make this difficult. Some experience with Repeater is also pretty darn useful so you won't break your printer.

Does everyone think this states the options correctly? Are the steps complete?

Another option is to use the modified XYZware. It automates the XYZing of the code and allows you to use Slic3r from within the XYZ ware. Some of your options will depend on which version of the hardware and software your system arrives with.
Awesome! That would be option 5.

Your statement about hardware and firmware levels is what I'm trying to get to - basically if you have firmware/hardware x/y your options are _______ ??

The Repetier install look best to me but I'm afraid I'm going to brick the thing. I'm a long time Arduino guy so I can make it work probably. Plus the new hardware doesn't support Repetier as it stands correct?

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