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Printing issue!!! major failure.
Ok so my printer decided it wanted some attention.
It now will come up ok and start printing. All of sudden it will stop returning to the right (as you are looking at the bed) and instead move to the left on every command to go right.
This leads up to the extruder being off the bed to the far left.
Once it completes the making of a horrible mess of string.. lol.. it will then GRIND and not return to the right. If I make it go to the right with help, it will then grind to a stop when it is returning to the rear of the printer....
The sound is HORRIBLE!
Have you recently made any modifications to the printer (ie moved wiring, hardware, flashed firmware, or had the motherboard uncovered)? Without more data, it seems like your positioning data is incorrect, either due to firmware error or a problem with the home sensor wiring.
I didnt due anything recently.... I had been printing perfectly. I tested the motor to see if it was the problem by using another motor and the new motor did the same. I am starting to think either a wire has been yanked going to the driver board or the driver board is going flaky on me.
Its the X axis for refusing to go towards the Home setting but the Y axis hangs too when it returns towards home.... and it gets ugly with the crunching sound.
I noticed i have the error 30 on the screen sometimes... it clears when i turn the printer off and on. It starts printing ok, usually the first layer or part of it and then it heads for the left side of the bed and dumps filament....
i checked all the wires and swapped around the driver boards to make sure that wasnt the issue.. It wont print anything decently now.
Check to make sure you have continuity to the "direction" pin of the stepper. It's possible you're just getting the "step" signal and with no direction it will only go one way with every command to make a step. Sounds like a broken wire or cold solder joint or possibly a stepper driver failure.
I swapped the two endstops of the X and the Y. The problem changed. The wiring is good. I have one bad endstop. I have spares but they are the wrong size. I am searching the forum for the post that listed what the AGC was as compared to the vcc, SIG, and GNC. i also noticed the XYZWare has the diode symbol on one arm of the sensor and the ones I intend to use as a replacement have an E on one arm and a D on the other sensor arm. I assume (I KNOW Assume is bad) that the D = diode.
Matt had a great idea in his post at on repurposing the lid's sensor. I liked it a lot! I am now waiting on the test print to see if it worked..
NOPE! While I had some improvement of my issue, the printer insists on starting about an inch to far to the left for its test print. I cannot seem to convince it to quit it!
Ok, so I gave up on the XYZWare firmware. I am so frustrated. The Rep 091 seems to work better. The system was not homing on the X carriage even under Rep so I took the blue wire (the sensor wire to the top cover sensor) and its sensor and put it in place of the X while rerouting the red wire (the X sensor wire) back to the top cover sensor area. I also have removed the sensor from the door (under the removable lip under the door) and put that as my Y sensor.
It homed on the X and Y.. YAY!!! I just need to see how good it now prints!

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