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blinking and beeping
hello, i do appreicate everyones help who try to help me with this porblem

recenetly i did a long 8 hour print, (my second print on a used machine i bought on ebay) i got anxious and i broke the glass into peices, so i cleaned the glass off, cleaned the heating pad... and things went down hill, when i put the new glass on (using double sided tape) the lcd froze, so i turned it off, and turned it back on, and it wont turn on now, ontop of that there is an obnoxious loud long beeping sound and lights flashing, i thought it mightve been the heater board, so i undid the screws that heat the board and ti still beeps, then i thought it could be the temp sensor so i unplugged that also, but its still beeping and flashing, i know i need to get a new board, but the printer is still broken in general, the lcd wont turn on, (had it for only 9 days now, and the calibration on it was WAY off and had other minor issues from the seller once it got here, it was filthy, the heat board was burnt in places, calibrating it took over 3 hours to get it level)

please help i dont want to flush $500 down the toilet because of the original owners stupidity and neglegince

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