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A mittfull of LM8UU bearings
I have a handful of LM8UU bearings, so I thought I'd replace the bushings on my Davinci 2.0 with them.
After disassembling the unit I found the Y carriages seemed to have a space for the bearings to nestle into. Just a fraction of plastic needs to be trimmed to fit I believe.
The plan is to outfit the bed, Y carriages, and extruder carriage.

Has anyone done this yet? I havent seen any mention of.
I haven't seen anything about it but would be very interested to see how it turns out for you.
I was able to get 2 nestled nicely into the left Y carriage. It works very well. Wasn't too difficult to install.
The other carriages have press-fit bushings. I've tried unsuccessfully to remove one. I even froze the part for a few hours.
I'll need a small bearing puller to remove them.
Thought I'd post a quick update.

I was able to fashion a makeshift bearing/bushing puller. So now, the LM8UU bearings are installed on the Y, and Z axis. It went easier than I thought. It almost looks like the parts were designed to hold these bearings - almost.
I may re-assemble everything again and test the printing before I go on and make a new X carriage for the E3D + stock extruder.

PIctures to come shortly.
I did this Y carriage some time ago for LM8 bearings, never printed it or anything.
Can post CAD files & STL if someone wants to give it a try, not sure how accurate it is tho.[Image: Y_Carriage_L_2.0.jpg]
What supplier did you get use for your bearings?

Any particular outside form factor?

Nothing notable where I got them. Just found an inexpensive ebay seller.
If I had known of quality differences between manufacturers I would have bought the best, as I don't want to totally disassemble the printer again if I dont have too.

The tolerances seem just fine with the ones I bought.
When you say left side are you talking about the side with the stepper attached?

I tried to the the side opposite the stepper and my bearings are way bigger than the holder would fit.
As stated in my previous post this is untested so if anyone wants a crack at it or mod it feel free.
Would like to see the pics of the installed bearings please. Looking to do this as well.

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