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Help with printing this filament dust filter

I'm trying to print this filament dust filter ( on my Da Vinci 1.0 (with Repetier, of course) but the hinge always comes off completely fused together, so it won't work. The clearance between the elements is only about 0.4mm I believe, so quite a tight fit. I've tried printing as slow as 20mm/s, with low temps (220), with and without extrusion cooling fan, printing external perimeters first, etc but no luck whatsoever. I'm thinking that perhaps my printer has some backslash, but as far as I can tell, circles for instance are printed quite alright. I'll try next printing some backslash calibration tests, but I was also wondering perhaps the Da Vinci is just not good enough (mechanically) to print with that accuracy?

If someone has managed to print this or is willing to give it a try please let me know your results!
I just printed it with 0.92 based FW
40 mm second, bed 90 and filament 230, and 0.1 in resolution, 100% filling, I removed from bed just after done and just forced a little, I do not use xyz filament
As instructions said move hot , it seems better to fold just when printing end and when cold it move perfectly
So it works on Davinci :cheer:
Thanks Luc, at least it's good to know that it can be done Smile

My main suspect is the X carriage's belt, which is significantly less tense that the Y carriage belts. Does your machine have similar tension on all belts?

Other than that, perhaps the printer is overextruding... but the calibration tests I've performed so far don't seem to indicate so.
I put a spring tensor on all my belts [img]
Dude, that's brilliant! So simple, I'm going to try that right away Smile
Could you post a picture of the spring attached to your x axis belt please.
I think mine could use one of those.
Davinci 1.0 with repetier 0.92 & E3D hotend
Slicer - Simplify3d 

here my belt and my spring
[quote]here my belt and my spring
I owe an update to this thread! So in the end I was also able to print this model with a working hinge. I did it with temps 230/90 and the cooling fan at 100%, 30mm/s, 0.2mm layer height, but the main thing that helped I guess is that I simply printed two dust filters at the same time. This gives the extruded filament more than enough time to cool down properly. Yet during the making I could see how some layers of the hinge were still kinda fused, but that didn't seem to matter much after the job was done since both hinges worked fine after a very gentle push.

Well, in fairness I also added those tensors to my belts (thanks again, Luc), so that might have helped as well.

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