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Improving printing quality
I'm running luc's repetier firmware with repetier host and the latest slic3r. This is a 0.2 mm layer height print at 230[sup]o[/sup] extruder and 90[sup]o[/sup] bed temp constant at all times. The filament is the one that came with the printer (XYZ White). Is there any way to improve?
[Image: ATb0Cktl.jpg]
[Image: YU4EZz6l.jpg]
I printed a set of chess pieces using black and white XYZ filament, and the results were similar to yours. I think the XYZ filament is a bit lumpy and poor quality. I used both XYZ firmware and repetier, and the repetier quality was better.
You might try a slightly cooler extruder, closer to what XYZ used, say 210 C, and using a little slower print speed and see if that helps. Also set "random start points" on in slic3r to prevent vertical lines in the print.
You can also try acetone vapor polishing a bit. Works very nicely.
You can also do this: print coating
I have a roll of another brand of filament I want to try but have not had time yet.

Good luck!
I found the white XYZ filament to be terrible. Lumpy and inconsistent. It seems to act as if it's foamy, not solid. In a few places where I cut it with flush cutters, it looked like it was hollow, as if it were the insulation pulled off a very fine wire (diameter of a hair). I tried acetone vapor smoothing and ended up with glossy, lumpy parts. Sanding before vapor smoothing was better, but I don't have time for that. It may work better at a different temperature, or it may benefit from some time in an oven to cook-off the moisture.

All the other colors were fine. Uncolored (natural) was one of the best.
I wasn't too upset about it (aside from wasted time) since I needed an empty cartridge anyway for HIPS Smile
Will HIPS print on a stock davinci? the hotend is not very good for anything other than abs.
I've only used HIPS once so far (for support) and it seemed to work about as well as the ABS. 100% stock da Vinci 2.0 (but not for much longer)

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