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Da Vinci wont calibrate
hey everybody my da vinci recently started acting weird. When i try to calibrate it just goes home. Makes an attempt to goto first tab then just goes back into slow mo. it does this for all three tabs. Tried out firmware G and J both not causing this. All the sensors are working and everything seems to work. is the firmware and calibration loaded on different parts of the board? I am going to manually level and try a couple of prints.
Sounds like the probe, contact pads, or both are dirty. It's also possible the wrote to one of them is broken.

Cleaning did not help nor did a backup extruder assembly from davinci. It prints okay otherwise. Not sure but when switching from slicer to xyzware it seems to change the z level without going through any calibrations. i think this happened after a power short due to the faulty heater connector. l;last time i had a successfu calibration was before this issue.

Once calibration is started the head will travel but not make an attempt to wait for a probe no z axis moment. the extruder ends up make three triangle movement second and third in slo mo correction mode and puts out a err,err,err . I am on J maybe I will try G?

if it helps when the short in the heater happened after s restarted during the first couple of prints Japanese characters were displayed onscreen with the lcd looking as if it was half lit ... i restarted and it was back to normal.

so this must be some sort of issue with the board. if anyone can p[oint me in the right directipn as far as whatb cpnnectioons on the board , elf br very helpful
thank you
One of my printers does this exact same thing, I created a thread about it and received no help at all.

The printer doesn't even attempt to raise the bed. I even tried unplugging the blue wires that go to the bed and the wires at the head with no success so I believe it is somewhere further down in the wiring (or possibly the board) but I don't know exactly what pins are used for the probe circuit (other than the 2 blue ones).

Does anyone know if the blue bed wires are "positive" or "ground"? Or even know what wire attached to the head is used for probing?

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