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Da Vinci Longevity
Hey guys I am curious about how many hours or meters of filament you can run our Da Vinci's for before a major failure or they are plane wore out? I have over 270 hours and 1500+ meters on mine already and think that some major TLC is on the horizon.
I, to the best of my knowledge, have very close to 1000 hours. This represents the printer running "all the time" since I received it. (I was part of the pre-order group.)

Breakdowns So far:

1) OEM heater, wire broke
2) Replacement heater from XYZ was actually USED, wire broke
3) Third replacement from XYZ, they sent me a new heater. Yep. The wire broke.
4) Repaired stepper motor wire to the extruder
5) Aftermarket 40w heater, NOPE not the wire! Smile The cartridge just stopped heating and had an open circuit.
6) Immediately after 4 I had the motherboard issue. (See Uh-Oh thread).

So - I will say that with this design the wires breaking are really normal wear and tear. The motherboard glitch I have not determined the root cause yet, but I suspect it is due to poor brown out protection on the board combined with my plugging the heater in while turned on resulting in a MCU glitch. I just got the cable to program the board directly, so I will know in a few hours.

My Overall rating: 8 out of 10

I wouldnt consider myself a "fan boy" but at the same time there is not much here that you wont see happen on most any other printer.

Hope that helps.

I have 562 hours on mine. No clue how many rolls of filament through it.
I have replaced or fixed:

Connector for heater cartridge replaced
fixed wire for X-axis stepper motor
fixed wire for X-axis limit switch
replaced stepper motor driver for X-Axis and extruder
new thermistor and insulation
new aftermarket heater cartridge

and enough times cleaning the nozzle out to be able to do it in my sleep now.
K neat thanks for the reply's guys! I will watch for the connections on the areas mentioned and make sure I dont have any failures.

So far I have had 2 clogs in the nozzel and had it apart to clear them. I am working right now to replace my extruder with an e3d though so I shouldn't have any issues with the heater cartridge after that. But for the most part it sounds like nothing major since I replaced my y axis bearing holders already.

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