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Extruder and bed do not heat up
Just got a davinci 1.0 and installed repetier 0.91 on it.
LCD indicates bed and extruder temp are both 0.
RepetierHost says bed temp is 20C and extruder is -20C
Heating either the bed or extruder shows no change in temperature; direct IR temp measurements show no change.

Is there something I need to do to set up my new installation?
I just read the thread on the heated bed sensor initializing with defect.
I turned off my printer, hit my extruder with a hot air rework gun for a minute, then turned my printer back on and now the extruder reads the expected temperature.

The same fix for the heated bed must also be applied to the extruder thermistor!
Ok thanks for the information - and pushing issue in tracker - will work on it next week for one and two extuders

but just to clarify it is not a fix - it is a workaround for hardware problem - I do not know if it is done on purpose by xyz or if they have different sensor supplier that have slow response time sensor - I am not electronic expert but this behaviour seems weird for me
Agreed it's not a real fix. I played with the extruder some more; after turning it off, it reaches -2C in about 5 minutes; I didn't have to time to let it run longer but will try that later.
So I believe there is a calibration issue; for example I was able to extrude ABS at 215C (same ABS reel takes 235C on my thing-o-matic).

To determine if the thermistor is bad one would need to know:
1) What type
2) Remove the thermistor and run some actual tests at 0C and 100C

OTOH, as I understand how thermistors are used, they are part of a voltage divider. Perhaps the fixed resistor value is incorrect?
Any schematic for the thermistor hookup?
yes I guess there is some issue with the thermistor table for some sensors
from another point of view the feedback from nepenthy was the temperature after warm up was same as extruders and then stable - and no need to warm up after, the temperature should quickly drop to -20 if no heat when printer is power on
is your extruder temperature drop after you stop the warm up ?
That is correct, the temperature begins to drop and goes into the negative range.
so that is different behaviour I think - and this means wrong thermistor table for sure
I think doing a preheat won't help a lot - as it means you need to print right after power on the printer - the best is to find /change the table in configuration.h

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