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Cura and Luc's latest firmware
I found this post from Luc with custom start/end gcode for cura.

Is this the latest code I should use with cura? Luc, are you using Cura as your primary slicer?
I use cura as slicer in repetier yes - I am not sure it is my latest star/end Gcode - it was just to show for dual extruders repetier host / embeded cura need some tuning, for single extruder it is fine by default

I have also used latest cura 14.09 as standalone and it manage better dual extruder but you need to manually uncomment some action from start/end or start2/end2 gcode according your needs but it allow to use pluggin when embeded version don't
Would you care to post your cura settings? I'm using the 1.0 da Vinci but would be extremely helpful to users wanting to run Cura stand alone. I'm on a Mac and am using Cura standalone as well.
I do not use really Cura as Standalone as I cannot easily choose which part is printed by which extruder ( I did not find how to do ), I just played and did some test for direct printing from cura, it works but I prefer Repetier UI because it is more easy for settings/object selection, I enclose my start/end script for cura repetier, you can easily adapt them for cura standalone, be noted the variables are not same so watch out.

PS: you can also remove the start/end music to decrease size
Hi Luc. I see you are continuing to be one of the most helpful software guys here on Voltivo! And once more I send you my thanks and once more want to ask for a bit of help.

I've come to the point with my XYZ v.1.0 that it's time to move to Repetier and trash the XYZ stuff entirely. In order to save a lot of time with the programming learning curve, would you mind sharing your configuration.h file with me? I've tried following a couple of the YouTube videos, but I have a hearing disability and I'm not understanding the oral instructions for settings.

As always, I continue to be in your debt my friend.
Hi Larry,
sorry not sure to understand what you want
if you want to use my fw you just need to set the DAVINCI to 1 but actually it is setting by default so you have nothing to change in configuration.h for your 1.0, also please check installation section of the readme for additional files necessary like variant.cpp and usb fix
if actually you just want to understand the configuration.h file, I suggest you take the one from 0.92 FW it is very well commented compare to 0.91

I hope I have answered to the question as I am not sure what youtube video you are referring to
If not clear, let me know
Hi Luc, sorry I wasn't more clear. When it comes to programming I tend to be confused because I've never really understood the process and always end up chasing my tail. The YouTube video I was referring to is one by a guy who is installing repetier and unfortunately do to my hearing disability I can't understand his instructions.

So, my request of you was to share your configuration file for the XYZ - even if it's not completely dialed in, it would give me a starting point where the steppers are heading the right direction. My current effort setting it up resulted in a near disaster with the x axis trying to zero someplace below the build platform and I can't seem to get the bed heater on at all. Perhaps you've already posted this and I missed it, if so a link may be all I need.

I hope this was a bit clearer but if I understand what you replied with, are you saying that just installing 0.92FW will work without changing anything?? If so, that's what I screwed up because I did a lot of editing.
Yes the fw is ready for use - only setting need to be set is target printer DAVINCI 1 or 2 or 3 for 1.0 it is 1 and it is default one
I suggest you to download again the full source to be sure you have clean code and compile and flash (I understand this part is ok as you already did it) and voila Smile
Thanks Luc! I'll give it a run after I get back from work.

Ryan - Thanks for letting me jump in here and I hope it helps others too.
Hi everyone!

I'm trying to set up Cura 15.02.1 (on Mac OS X) to use with Repetier 0.92 firmware on DaVinci 1.0a. I've used the start and end GCODE provided by luc few posts up and I am succeeding in starting the print.

The problem, however, is that starting the print is not hassle free. For example, the bed starts heating up, but the nozzle stays at 0 degrees C. When I set to manually preheat for ABS (under the maintenance section in Repetier menu), both the bed and nozzle heat up, but when they do, the print doesn't start. Then I have to cancel the print and restart it, and only then does is start printing with both the nozzle and bed heated up.

Sorry if it was answered before, but I couldn't find the solution, so I am asking here. Does anybody else have similar problems, or has found solution for it? Thanks in advance!
if you use my start code in. cura stand alone did you changed the variables like I mentioned ?
Thanks for replying so quickly! It turns out I didn't substitute placeholders for actual values. I just glanced over the post, and didn't notice that you should manually set variables in the start GCODE. I thought (naively) that CURA would replace the placeholders with values, Now that I've actually opened GCODE inside a text editor do I finally realize that Smile

Sorry for wasting your time, and thanks for the heads up! Smile
the variables between cura in repetier and cura standalone are not the same you can hard code the temperatures but it is better to use variables so you can use the cura UI, check default start/end code in cura standalone and use them in the script,
it is easy to see in cura repetier variables/macro are upper case but in cura stand alone they are lower case and syntax is different
Oh, now I get it. Thanks for the info, I'll try different variable names to fit CURA and write back with the results! Smile

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