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Repetier possible install problems?
I just flashed repetier using the XYZWare method and made sure to install the original version of XYZWare and to disconnect my internet. My printer powers on fine and has the custom menu, but when I try to print one of the samples off the sd card the hot end just starts hitting the build plate and I have to shut off the printer. I also tried to print a test cube through repetier host but my printer isn't recognized. I have no idea what to do.
What fw do you use ?
Did you do configure repetier host properly ?

Once repetier is connected to printer you must send M502/M500 command using manual tab to set EEPROM properly
I now have decided to flash back to stock. I now get the error "Erase Flash, Flash page is locked" While in cmd prompt.
You may need to restart printer - and retry - but I guess you did already
sorry never got this issue
I have restarted the printer and now only get the black bars on the lcd screen.
this means the arduino board is wipped and does not have any FW - so command line to flash should work
Excpet that is the problem when I am doing a cmd line flash I get the "Erase Flash, Flash page is locked"
seems you need to use JP1 jumper to reset properly the board
My board is different, I have only 1 pin on JP1 and the other is sunken inwards (May be hard to tell in pic).
the Jumper JP1 pins are not populated but it is present (I have same on 2.0) make the 2 contacts points to be connected with a paper clip or any conduct bridge and it will reset
Sorry for late reply, but after trying different clips, I was finally able to get it with a skinny piece. Thanks for your help.
I didn't want to make a new thread, but I have now gone to Repetier again and when setting it up I do not have the option for "RepRapPro Duet Firmware" under the "Reset Connect" tab The printer is listed as "Arudino Due (COM6)" in device manger, and I installed everything.
Yes seems it is the case in latest repetier host - it is now Due Native USB Port

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