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Did I kill my Davinci?
My Davinci light started to flicker and then went off. The display now reads solid bars across the screen and nothing works. Did I kill it somehow?
It was just sitting there when it happened.
Please tell me there is a reset or a fuse somewhere that fixes everything.
what did you were doing when this happened ?
2 horizontal bars on screen means no fw or corrupted fw on board
Voltage is good up to the board. It looks serious.
It was powered up and the LCD and interior lights were on. The printer was idle so nothing was happening. The interior light started to flicker and went off and the LCD light went off leaving two horizontal bars across the display.
look Hardware faillure - you may check this
Hope it helps
I went over all the resistors and they are all good. I don't see any hot spots anywhere. I see from searching there are a couple of different versions of this board. My board seems to be the latest version. Anyone know of some one that can repair this board or supply a new or used board?

[Image: DSC02804.jpg]
Is your printer detected in any way when you plug it on computer ? like hear chime under window
Device manager shows it on com 6
[Image: Devicemanager.jpg]
seems board is still alive but board fw is wipped - you can try to reflash FW
I have tried all sorts of different ways to flash the board but nothing works. I have tried the XYZ Downgrade software and it does nothing. What does work is the jumper method of erasing the firmware and it gets a com port when I turn on the printer. Beyond that I see nothing that works. I initially got one firmware on the board and the interior lights and the buzzer cycled off and on continuously.
did you try to flash using sources? or did you tried only with command line ?
This is the only method that will actually get a fiwmare on the printer but it still doesn't work. I have done this method three seperate times and get the same results. My interior light and buzzer cycle on and off continuously and the LCD still has two black bars.
I tried with the commad line and it will get a firmware to load but the results are bad. I tried the XYZ Downgrader and it does nothing. Are there other ways to get a firmware on the printer?
I would suggest to try the test sketch from bgm -
the dav10test.ino should easily let you know if your board is damaged or not

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