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Fans and stepper temperature...
I have been working on the E3Dv6 mod, and made an observation I thought I would share.

The feed stepper motor gets quite hot in use. it seems to hover around 150F, but I have measured a peak of 190F at one point. This heat exits down the shaft to the pinch roller that feeds the ABS, etc.

Knowing that heat above the hot end is an issue, I looked at options to reduce this extra source of heat.

I found a small 40x40mm heatsink/fan combo for cooling PC chipsets and hooked it up. I removed the label, then stuck it on using the supplied sticky pad, and powered it from a 12v source like the other replacement fan. It's made a huge difference.

Now, typical stepper temps are ~85F and peak temps are ~120F.

Compared to ambient (75F) this represents a typical 75% reduction of heat from this source.

My next mod will be to design a handle insert replacement that contains 2x 60mm replacement fans on each side, unless feedback here suggests a better and equally less intrusive mod.
We'd love to see some pics Dave. Are you still working with the stock extruder/hot end?
I'm still using the stock extruder, as I have yet to order the E3Dv6 parts. I am just getting everything else in place.

It's just a 40x40 chipset cooler/fan to a small 12v wallwart, cable tied to the existing loom. I'm not noticing an improvement in print quality with ABS, but I'm sure it will make a difference with Ninjaflex when I install the new head.

There will be pics when it's pretty and finished.

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