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XYZware rotate bug...
Version 1.1.0 (1A873) and previous versions....

When we import a .stl and position it on the bed, a very common action is to rotate it for best printing results, least supports, etc. The rotate function is quite nice, but it is much finer than the data shown to users. It shows whole degrees, but works in fractions of a degree. This means your 90 or 180 degree rotated part may be 90.225 or 179.682 degrees rotated. This doesn't become apparent until you start printing, because you cannot see the slicing until the print job is already started.

What they could do is either have a check box "Use whole degrees only" or alternatively, they chould have a "snap to angle" function that says everything 89.5 - 90.5 snaps to 90 degrees, etc.

Very annoying.
Are you using the circular slider to set the rotation? Do you know that you can type in the number if you click on it? I'm not sure if when you type in the number it sets the rotation to the whole degree or some fraction.

If you want to see the slicing before printing, do an export first. This will save the slice file and then allow you to view the sliced object on the screen. You can zoom in to check where each layer starts/stops, supports, and raft. If you are happy with the slicing just hit the print key. If you're not happy with the slicing, you'll have to do a "New Workspace" and import the object again to re-slice.
Yes, I used the circular slider. I tried clicking on the number to type in the value, and that works accurately, which solves the problem.

Thank you. Smile
I take that back. I thought I was successful, but on the mac version at least, you cannot type in the numbers. Prints still end up at 90.82957324 degrees or whatever. Just threw out a 6 hr print run I needed to rotate 270 degrees to get on the bed because the stupid software doesn't let me freely move objects where I want. *mutters*
Same here. It's stuff like this that made me give up and buy Simplify3D.

You could rotate it in some 3D modeling software first.

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