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New machine....
I just got my new machine. It came with a default install of 1.2.3 out of the box. I haven't even connected it to my Mac yet. I will be replacing the stock firmware with the open firmware in the next few days. As I'm a Mac user, getting the tool chain together in terms of software isn't as obvious as for PCs. Most of the software is for both platforms, but most of the instructions given are very PC-centric.

My main purpose in using the machine is to print small custom containers for batteries, and to print ninjaflex rubber belts with teeth to replace old belts in antique equipment.

Just making this post to introduce myself and say where I'm at and what I'm doing. It's good to keep all my begging for help/advice in one place!
So here's a work list of what I plan to do to my 1.0:

1. Install repetier firmware
2. Replace the stock head with an E3D v6, based on another user's excellent work. I plan to add two white LEDs to the underside of the head so I can see what is happening under there during printing - currently it's all dark shadows thanks to the positioning of the supplied LEDs.
3. replace the brass sleeve bearings with something better - the machining on the supplied ones is very poor.
4. Print rubber belts!

I already have the back off and see I have the board most people do -not the newer one with no "J1" position, but I do feel unlucky mine came with 1.2.3 pre-installed. Being a Mac user, I want to get out of XYZ's software toolchain because it is so limited in terms of slicing and quality/device control. Using repetier is definitely the way to go for me.

I'm very mechanically minded, so once I have done my hardware upgrade, I'll be willing to do the hardware upgrade for others too, if they do not feel confident. When buying the parts, I am buying in bulk Wink

I am looking for guidance on which "easy to get started with" 3D design software to use on my Mac. Any suggestions?

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