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Backlash, circles not circle
Any ideas what is wrong with this print?

I'd like to print mechanical parts, but before doing that I need to determine what is wrong with my machine. So you know I have made no modifications as of yet.

note-that orange mark points straight to the back of the printer. aka like they came straight out of the printer

edit-whoops! they are upside down... stupid phone

[Image: gear1.jpg][Image: gear2.jpg]
Check this thread it has some good information in it.
Thank you. Scoured the forum last night and I came to two possibilities.

-the y axis belts are slightly skewed, making the x axis not perpendicular
-less likely, the bronze bearing on the bottom right of the z axis is oversized and has play between it and the shaft

I checked the bearing holders, I have shims (stock) on the pulley shaft, and belts don't have slack. All this stuff would be good for a sticky or forum wiki, this info gets buried.

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