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Starting off with Repetier
I'm fairly technical but relatively new to 3d printing. With the changes in the DaVinci stock firmware, it's become clear to me that sooner rather than later I am going to have to jailbreak my printer. So it's time to start experimenting with a new firmware.

I've gotten to the point where I've just installed the new firmware Repetier 0.91 alpha, installed Repetier host Mac and am left with the question, now what?

The printer is now showing up in my system report as "composite device". Is that normal or do I need to install a driver in my OS X 10.7.5 setup?

I'm reasonably certain that there are a bunch of settings I either need to manually set up or a settings file to load which I don't think I have. I'm having little luck finding this so pointers would be helpful either to get the answers directly or to how tos in order to get my own. I would expect that one davinci 1.0 would require settings much like another so it's not immediately obvious why I would need to reinvent the wheel but perhaps I'm missing something.

Any help would be appreciated. I expect that I'm not the only new guy on the block.
did you check this
I do not know what is Repetier 0.91 alpha where did you take it ?
I got it off github. Here's the URL

Is there a better source?

Is there any wiki or other resource where people can put in the values that work for them and how they derived them. It would seem to be the sanest way to get things done but nobody seems to have done it.
Hello all,
I to have visited the git that contains the 0.91 alpha but havent flashed it yet because I have since found a video where someone is instructing to flash the "dav10-master" from the same git page. Regardless I have been reading through forums for about 6 hours or more and am chomping at the bit here because I just want to flash already. I have learned one thing very well and that is there is no clear path to a guide or tutorial on how to do this. Just doing basic google searches leads to a bunch of development talk and a copuple REALLY crappy videos.
Could someone please send me a link to a guide for someone with less experience? I am not completely clueless but a guide would be nice when considering the cost of bricking this device.
I have had the same problem. The guide, as much as it is, was written very early in the development cycle. There have been many changes and updates, and we're expected to string these together even though they occur in several threads. It's very hard to put everything into order.

When I get to the end of my journey I will write a FAQ and keep it updated as versions and links change.
Heres a quick guide to get you on repetier firmware.

Download Arduino 1.5.7 BETA or higher.
Go to luc's github page and click download zip on the right
Extract that zip and copy Variant.Cpp to C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\hardware\arduino\sam\variants\arduino_due_x\ (or equivalent on your system)
In the same extracted folder navigate to \src\ArduinoDUE\Repetier\Repetier.ino, double-click it and the sketch should open.
Navigate to the configuration.h tab and find the line that reads #define DAVINCI 1, read the comment on the same line and enter the correct value, if you have a DaVinci 1, leave it as is.
In the adruino app, click on tools, board, and pick Adruino Due (Native USB Port).
Click on the check Icon on the top left of the aruino app to very everything will compile correctly.

At this point you are about to reset the firmware on the davinci, make sure all the above sets are correct to avoid panic mode once you reset it.
Power Off the DaVinci, remove the two screws from the back panel.
Short the jumper, power on and wait a few seconds, remove the short from the jumper and power the printer back on. If you arent famiiar with the jumper read this post post #789 By Fred Jones and look at the center of the third picture, thats THE jumper (minus pins in that pic)
Open up Device Manager and expand Ports. You should see a Bossa Programming port listed. Note the COM port next to the name.
Go back to the adruino app, click on tools, port, and pick the COM port from the last step.
In the adruino app, click the Arrow (Upload) next to the Check.
This will compile and upload the firmware. You should see some orange status text as the firmware uploads and verifies, followed by your printer booting up.
You are now on Repetier firmware.

Go back to windows Device Manager, ports section and you should now see Adruino Due instead of bossa programming port, Note the Adruino Due COM port.
Open up Repetier host , go to config, printer settings. Connection is Serial Connection,Port is the COM port from last step.38400 for the Baud Rate, Transfer Protocol
Auto Detect. Close config and click connect button on top left. If all goes well Repetier is now connected to your printer with new firmware.
Go to the manual control tab and find the GCODE section. Type in M502 and hit send, then M500 and hit send. Turn the printer off, wait 30 seconds (just to avoid display glitches) then power it back on.
Re-read every forum post now that you know what everyone is talking about. Wink

Hope this helps.
Let me know if it would be beneficial to post my slic3r and repetier settings, although I mostly followed what I found here:
One comment if using my fw you must use the variant.CPP of my github as it is updated for some pins including 1.0
There is something I just found out you can do, sorry if this was posted already I was just skimming through and found this. There is an easy way to put repetier onto the da vinci using da vinci software. Its basically the same steps you would use to flash the printer back to a previous version of XYZ's firmware by disconnecting from the internet and trying to update firmware from the software and instead of selecting the XYZ firmware you pick the Repetier Firmware bin file and then it will flash it from there. Note you can only do this once after you flash it XYZ software wont recognize the printer for obvious reasons.
I have seen this advice before but it is mostly not applicable to Mac users. I am a mac user, and most people I know also are. 60%+ of the laptops in college are Macs. I need to prepare something like this for Mac users.
Quote:One comment if using my fw you must use the variant.CPP of my github as it is updated for some pins including 1.0

Thanks Luc, I didnt know that! There must have been a better guide at one point and maybe it was taken down? I initially found it very hard to piece all the instructions myself and judging from the above miss, its a wonder Ive got a usable printer out of the deal. Wink I did though, been printing nothing but PLA for the past week without issue, and I can finally get ABS to adhere to the bed for large models.
Actually installation is explained in readme of my github :
But no one read the readme file B)
Only latest configuration flag is not in readme - because no feedback yet :unsure:
#define WARMUP_BED_ON_INIT 0 //use this to preheat your bed if you have a temperature defect at start due to slow response time of cold thermistor
I stand corrected, its the first line in your read me. Haha, ok, so I guess I cant blame it on lack of documentation any longer.

I just noticed the new heatbed fix, Ill try that out today and provide feedback, thanks!
I actually tried this already and it didnt work for me. I have tried with multiple different versions and combinations of drivers and xyzware starting from the original cd and nothing worked for me. It says update successful on the xyzware on the computer but on the printer lcd it reads firmware update failed. press yes to go back.... something to that effect.
I actually did run across your readme and just wasnt user friendly enough for me... just to many unknowns for an intermediate user, or a beginner. That being said I really appreciate the work that you have contributed. Just wanted to give my feedback.
Nepenthy, Thank you very much for this, I am starting the process right now so ill let you know how it goes. Thanks again!
This ability only works with 1.0.9 and older XYZ software - they detect the condition on 1.1.0 and block it.
Wonderful thank you!! The only slight hiccups I ran across:
-The jumper pins seem to not be there on the newer ships of the 1.0. Naturally I was looking for a standard jumper. Something to maybe add would be to look for the label "jp1" on the center of the board and use a Arduino jumper wire or probably even a paperclip to make the short. I used a arduino jumper and worked perfect. You need to put one end in the open hole and the other obviously on the contact. With the link you provided though it was not a big issue. I dont understand why the person on that post though recommends using "tweezers to squeeze the pins together..." lol There are no pins, unless maybe he implied you should solder some on real quick...
-Only other minor detail was the fact that the G-Code editor is under the "Preview tab" instead of the "Manual Control" tab in the Repetier software.

Thanks again though, very helpful. Hopefully this post will start popping up on Google now for all the folks looking to make the change.
Im sorry I may have spoke to soon, I see the G code editor in the preview tab but not a way to send any code. Ahh I C.... You must be in "Easy Mode" for the G-Code section to show up under manual control....
you are correct - this is not a readme for beginner as they are sources - this readme is for people who already know arduino and programming.

Explaination for pure beginner how to do flash and compilation according their system and their configuration need definitly more than a simple readme. Also troubleshooting at this level, if people do not know what is a device manager under Window, or where to find arduino source under OSX or linux, needs a long and specific explaination.
Sorry this is out of my target and my available time - forum people who experienced it are on my opinion better to explain to others, share their experience, as they bring their level of detail and wording.
Quote:Nepenthy, Thank you very much for this, I am starting the process right now so ill let you know how it goes. Thanks again!

bda714, youre very welcome! Im so glad it helped someone that was as confused as I was. I literally read and reread every forum post for days until I was able to piece everything together as the best guide I found was geared towards restoring stock. Let me know if you have any configuration issues and Ill be happy to share what I know, or at least think I know! Wink

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