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XYZ Yellow vs Voltivo/ExcelFil Candy Yellow

Both printed with the same stl/gcode, .2 layers, same temp (220 e, 105 bed ), both from fresh opened packages. Printed from octoprint on a raspberry pi, kisslicer was used to generate the gcode.

You can see the xyz filament is full of defects, nits, and dirt.

The voltivo is hands down the smoothest printing filament i have seen to date. Imagine what will happen once itweak my settings for the voltivo/excelfil !

No long winded review needed, just look at the differences in the picture.

Voltivo, for those who need to clean their monitors, is on the left.

Don't ask why the picture is sideways. Smile

Feel free to ask any ?'s.

Kieth[Image: 20141116_211116_2014-11-17.jpg]
PS - yes, a sort-of-double-post but i wanted to make sure it is seen.

The difference in print quality definitely justifies the price differences, imo.


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