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Cold end creaking (for lack of better term)
My cold end is creaking horribly, sounds like im opening a door in a haunted house the entire time im printing. Ive taken the hotend out, oiled what I could get to without removing the carriage and the creaking persists. Has anyone else run into this and successfully corrected it?
Could you take a video to demonstrate?

Are you sure it's not coming from the x-axis or y-axis?
It makes the sound on extruding only. Hearing it at a constant rate while loading filament, it sounds more like a click than a creak. Very different from the low clunking sound it will make when theres a filament jam. Aside from the noise its printing great. Manually turning the cold end gears doesnt sound or feel unusual.

Disassembled the tension arm since its just one screw and a spring. Took the pulley/gear off the post and cleaned everything really well and then oiled the post and the back of the tension arm plate. No more creak and I didnt have to recalibrate everything, phwew!
That was an odd sound. Glad you got it fixed.

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