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New kind of Mainboard; no J1 Erase Jumper
Hi folks,
I wanted to upgrade my Da Vinci 1.0 FW to Repetier but my Mainboard looks like a new kind I've never seen before.
I can not find the J1 Jumper to erase the flash. Someone got the same type of Mainboard and updated his printer to repetier?[Image: IMG_20141114_2240547451.jpg]
Oh there they made strong!
The SD card has been around, the drivers of the motors are sealed and quite a component is no longer in the same place.
It would take a picture with a better resolution to be able to zoom
2.0 does not have Jumper neither only contact point
As Edouard wrote if you have better resolution would be great - I see same 2 contacts points as 2.0 in same area but image is not clear

I just uploaded a new photo in better quality. If you need some macro photos of a certain area just tell me.

Thanks for your help. Have a nice weekend.
It looks like the board used in the AIO printer (without the AIO needed parts).
I suggest you download the datasheet for the atmel chip and the look at the pin# to see what reset is. It probably traces out to somewhere on the board - I cant verify it now and dont suggest testing without verification but j37 is suspicious. Just be aware that if you jump the wrong thing or join pins on the micro together there is a chance the magic smoke that powers the machine may escape.

I like the wire was added, they could test them before CM Wink
I'm not sure but I think this is the PIN 130
If this is correct, we can see that is not connected on a jumper, There are well on track as the old motherboard but it is not known where she arrived

Do not try, wait a confirmation
I like the wire was added, they could test them before CM Wink
I'm not sure but I think this is the PIN 130
If this is correct, we can see that is not connected on a jumper, There are well on track as the old motherboard but it is not known where she arrived

Do not try, wait a confirmation

What is the connector circled in blue?[Image: PB150036h.jpg]
The Port is not labeled but if you follow the cables (there are not many black ones) you can trace it to the heating bed. If the 2 black cables, with bigger diameter, are the heating, the red and black one seems to be for the heatsensor.

Starting with the Atmel datasheet is a good idea. Maybe I will have some time today. Otherwise I will have to try it in 3 weeks when I am back from a business trip. I will keep you up to date as soon as I make progress.
The erase pin is definitely pin 130 (PC0). Checked on the Arduino Due schematic . The SAM3X8E datasheet is big and it was taking too long to find the pin Smile

The pin needs to be connected 3.3V for at least 200ms to trigger the erase function on power up. It has an internal resistor to pull the pin to ground when nothing is connected.

Looking at the photo of the board there is a track running from pin 130 and it seems to end in a via. There is another via (with the bright solder blob) right next the pin 130 via. These may be connected which would make J37 the reset jumper.
[size=CMS2CMS_LARGE]BUT THIS IS PROBABLY WRONG[/size] There is no way of telling from the photo if pin 130 is connected to J37 or if there is 3.3V on the other jumper pin. .

Pin 130 seems to go somewhere but it may just be to an erase command circuit like the arduino due. It needs to be traced with a meter to see where it goes.
Hi there,

i´m not the same Maik. But i think he came also from germany. Smile

Last saturday my Da Vinci 1.0 arrvived and he has the same new PCB. I try to update old firmware, new firmware (over inet) but nothing work´s. Printer reports "Updating fail".

cheers Maik[Image: s_IMGP3544.jpg][Image: s_IMGP3545.jpg][Image: s_IMGP3546.jpg]
one more pic of the Atmel Area.[Image: IMGP3536.jpg]

I'm so glad i came across this post! I thought no one was having the same issues as me..

I have the exact same board as you.. its running version 1.0.2 whatever that is..?
Do you have a fix for yours? Mine is buggy as.
Why would XYZ do this?? My old version was as reliable as anything!


today XYZ released a new version of xyz software ( now it´s possible to update the new PCB DaVinci´s to FW 1.2.3 But, who want this? What is possible in the future? A downgrade?
There is no new feature in the software to adjust printer setting´s or different layer adjustment´s. Sad

Only new feature for the Info checkbox. It display now the serialnr. of printer and filament cartridge. i try to update, it´s possible but i interrupt.

cheers Maik
Tried to downgrade today and ran into the same issue. Has anyone figured out where the jumper is?
I have the same mother part as well got my DaVinci 2 weeks ago it shipped with 1.0.1please let me know if you figure it out would love to use resetter for filament
Can anyone get a hires photo of the bottom of the board? I could use this and the other hires photo to trace where pin 130 goes to. I might be able to work out if there is an erase jumper or circuit.

Since you can upgrade to FW 1.2.3 then the board has the same hardware configuration as the old board for the 1.0 and 2.0. Downgrading to J should work if we can find a way to load it.

Another thing, is there a DAV or other command that will erase the flash or allow you to upload any .bin file you want. I assume that that's the way XYZ do it. Could someone write a program that can exploit this. Can bossac.exe do an erase?

I just checked the bossac commands and there is a -e option that erases the flash. Would this do the trick? Or am I missing something?
What about opening/closing the com-port at 1200 Baud? It used to work on the old boards and trigger a hard reset ...

On my older davinci, I can use the Arduino IDE and program the default blank sketch selecting "Arduino DUE Native USB Port" to cause a hard reset (I then use BOSSAC to upload J). I wonder if this trick would work on the new boards also .. It seems that if you use the DUE Native USB Port selection instead of the DUE Programming Port in the IDE and send the blank file, it triggers the reset ...

Something to try ...
stock fw do not reset with the 1200 Baud command, they rewrited this part, so today the only way to wipe stock fw is the hardware solution (JP1) until someone find a software one.
Once you use repetier fw, the 1200 Baud command to reset / wipe fw, works.
With Newegg selling these printers at $399, it's almost too cheap NOT to buy one, IF you can still install Repetier firmware.
Has anybody gained any certain knowledge of flashing the newest 1.0 printers?
Have they completely removed access to the hardware jumpers?

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