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Ramps 1.4 on Da Vinci 1.0 i need steps/mm and led pin out
i have pulled the stock controller board and wiring and have rewired the printer with ramps and arduino and i need help with the steps/mm.
does anyone have these steps that are verified good? otherwise everything else is perfect. i had to swap out the thermistors on both the bed and hotend, besides the steps/mm i am struggling to figure out how to wire the led strip to the ramps board. does anyone know if its 5v or 12v? and what the pin out is? having it on when the printer is powered is fine but i dont want to burn it up. thanks in advance

You use Ramps 1.4 with which board ? Mega ?

check the pinout here
Pin Led is 85 normaly as also mentioned in configuration.h #define CASE_LIGHTS_PIN 85
as well as the steps
LED should be 12V but never checked
here are some pics of my work i did on it today.[Image: 10686705_999706036723330_2338117082599750750_n.jpg][Image: 10675705_999706070056660_3188981295759753115_n.jpg][Image: 10616127_999706280056639_1702918022140959844_n.jpg]
yes its mega 2560
Good Job! what Fw do you use ? Marlin ?
yes i used marlin. i got the steps but i cant figure out this damn led strip. lol. once i get that ill be happy so i can see inside while i print.
For light
You mean on Ramps ? or the wires out from Davinci ?
Looks 3 wires led I have checked external pins and it is 8.5v
on ramps 12v from boot is here - I use for fan
yes on ramps and on the led itself. i have it pulled and its 3 pin as far as i can tell the top pin with the white arrow is + i think but then again i am no good with leds and series circuits.[Image: 10479753_999989006695033_1934404252_n.jpg]
white arrow is pin 1
I do not know if it is + but the middle one is also + there are 2+ 1 ground normally
I see pin3 go to +led on right one no ?
I got it. there are two positives like you said. here is a picture. i am about to start its first Print right now.[Image: 10805512_1000159000011367_1268531053_n.jpg]
Great !
I am curious, why to change to ramps/Mega ? DUE board was broken ?
the one on the right i bought for 150 not working, the board has a couple bad traces and the steppper motor board was broken. i decided to swap out my extra ramps board so i could have my new one with warranty stay stock until there was an upgrade in firmware that was not shitty. so i swaped out the ramps and arduino boards for the duo and replaced the screen with the discount reprap unit and i hhad to replace the therms and i rewired the whole thing in a fashion i was more keen on. honestly i am so much more in love with this modded box. im 27 minutes into the first print and the quality speed and ability to use cura is soooooo much better. but hey thats just me. lol[Image: 10811658_1000179490009318_1581486060_n.jpg]
Good work!
I forget to ask, you mentioned you changed screen - may I know why ?
i didnt know how to wire the stoc screen in and i have like 4 spares from my other repprap builds
Ok definitly more easy to handle, I understand
May I ask you a favor, now the screen is out of printer, you can send me the pictures from and back ?
I am working to improve screen initialization and I need to identify the screen but I am little bit scare to open all the printer just to check the screen reference.

Thanks in advance.

PS: I am sure you did, but just in case, we found there is a big dispersion for the extruders steps, today from 96 to 117, so better to calibrate it to improve results.
+1 to what Luc said, we need to identify the LCD's brand and model pretty please! Smile
yes i will. i will be home tonight, ill do it as soon as i get there.

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