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Burnt wire
One of the wires (Yellow) within the wiring loom that plugs into the right side of the extruder assembly as you look at the machine has started emitting white smoke when I turn it on and has burnt the insulation away.

I traced the loom back to the motherboard, and it's connected to the plug marked 'Fan 1' to the bottom-right of the motherboard. Has anyone else had this problem? Would this be because of a short?

Any help on remedying this would be much appreciated! Obviously I'm not going to turn the machine back on until I've replaced the wire and traced the problem.

EDIT: The plug on the motherboard is marked 'Fan' not 'Fan 1'
I remember when I checked wires (
on my printer yellow one is extruder temperature sensor - so you may check the small board and small connector for thermistor and thermistor itself

hope it helps

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