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Does the cartridge also control height for the first layer?
I just bought my XYZ Da Vinci 1.0 printer and after a short run of printing mostly warped and unusable objects :-) I started getting into larger, more complex objects such as wheel hubs and mobile frames for yet another robotic project whereupon I was told I can't continue because I'm 1.34m short of a 38.5m filament requirement. Ugh... Ever heard of replacing a cartridge mid-job? What if my job required 1100m of filament??

ANYWAY, I re-loaded my cartridge with the 240M setting (1.2.3 firmware complains about anything higher) and MG-chemical (crap, BTW) filament but noticed now, even when switching back to the XYZ-supplied filament that, somehow, the filament is a little thinner - it isn't laid down as thick as it was before, almost as if the printer's settings now tell it to extrude the first layer a little further away from the print bed.

Well, no matter, I adjusted the calibration settings and moved the bed closer to the print head for that first layer, but I can't help but wonder about the settings contained in the cartridge EEPROM. Is it possible that another configuration value tells the printer how far from the print surface to begin the first layer? This would certainly explain why after modifying the EEPROM, it started printing at 0.5mm instead of the .02 suggested in the calibration guide.

Thanks to Oliver for figuring this out in the first place. Thanks to Oliver once again for sparking interest in developing a less shitty firmware for what is otherwise, physically, an excellent printer.

This reply may be too late, but here goes.
If you are using the XYZ software to do the slicing, then the first layer should always be done at 0.35. This is in the g-code that the slicer produces.

I don't think the cartridge eprom controls the first layer height. The data that Oliver and others have collected from cartridge eproms would seem to bear this out.
As you have 1.2.3 FW and probably the latest XYZware, I think the problem is that firmware and/or software has detected a reprogrammed cartridge and is messing up your prints deliberately. Others have experienced this and worse with the latest FW and SW and trying to use reprogrammed cartridges.

To check your g-code file for the first layer height, I'd recommend installing XYZOpenMod. It can load .3w files and unencode them so you can read and edit them.
You can install both XYZOpenMod and XYZware on the same computer. Install XYZOpenMod, then rename the folder ( C:\Program Files(x86)\XYZware) to XYZOpenMod and change the shortcut. Then re-install the XYZware . You can't run both at the same time as one will hang.

I would suggest you reflash the to 1.1.J or earlier and use XYZware or earlier. Also set your firewall to block XYZ.exe from getting on the internet or network.

If you want to use set cartridges to 999 I think you need to use version G FW.

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