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DaVinci dual nozzle on DaVinci 1.0
Hello folks of the Voltivo community,

I've been a "stalker" of this forum for quite some time and I have my DaVinci 1.0 printer for a couple of months now (3 to be exact). I've been very content with it (let's be clear, I'm using moded xyz and using 3rd party filament without arduino chip).
The information I've found on this forum, was most useful for me, so I'm very grateful for the things you've done and keep doing here.

Now days I find my self "needing" a dual nozzle setup and I'm a bit short on money (atm, I cannot afford a dual nozzle printer), so my question is, would it be possible to install/mount the DaVinci dual nozzle (Link: on the DaVinci 1.0? Would the motherboard and power supply handle it? (as far as I can tell, the power supply is the same on 1.0 that is on 2.0 or am I wrong here?)
And if It's possible, could someone put a "how to" guide (things you need, things you need to know, etc)?

I understand, that the question about dual nozzle was asked before, but not for the specific nozzle and also, there was no specific or concrete answer to the question. At least, I couldn't figure out a clear answer. (Threads:

Also, I've found a thread on soliforum, where the guy states: "The 2.0 and 1. 0 both run on the same board, firmware, and software. You could convert a 1.0 to a 2.0 with minimal effort assuming you can get another extruder and the cartridge receptacle. The main board just needs the parts populated and those can be derived from the already known parts for the primary extruder". Link:
His argument is not supported with any real info, so it might be just wishful talking.

Anyways, I thank everybody who will try to help, in advance.

P.S. If the link of soliforum is inappropriate, I apologize in advance.

The carriage of the extruder is different. Josh was originally going to make a dual extruder carriage and we were going to move to external extruders much like a tantillus. However, I have been so busy it now isn't even on my radar till after Christmas.

Byw, while not practical you can pause RH and change filament to make different colored objects.

Yes, i can confirm the board can be populated to work.

Hi Kieth,

thank you for your answer.
Yeah I know the carriage of the dual extruder is different (twice the size to hold the second extruder). But apart from that, I'm glad that it is possible.
I found some 3D models of DaVinci's extruder carrier, that could help us a lot I think:

J head extruder carriage for DaVinci :
E3Dv6 extruder carriage for DaVinci:
Another Da Vinci J-Head Mount:

I know you can pause Repetier, but I'm using moded xyzware, where that option is not possible, as far as I know.

So what do you guys think. Would any of the above models help us with dual nozzle on DaVinci 1.0?
Keep in mind that although the main board in the 1.0 and 2.0 is the same (similar) the board in the 1.0 is not populated with all of the components to support the second extruder drive or hot end.

Dav 1.0
So do you think it would be possible to populate the board with the missing components?
Also, my davinci 1.0 mobo is more populated than the one on the picure above.

cheers[Image: WP_20141207_17_25_46_Pro.jpg]
Bump! Any one have a list of components to populate the 1.0? Mainly asking Keith since he said it can be done , thanks in advance!

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