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Replacing the hot end thermosistor
I've been fussing with an extruder problem for a few days believing that the problem was a clog, but not wanting to tear the extruder totally apart, I tried everything else first. (There is a lesson here.) In the end I pulled the extruder all apart today, torched out the hotend and ended up with a opening I could see light through, completely clog free. On the road to a clear filament path I had to remove the heater cartridge and the thermsistor. I was surprised to find that the glass thermsistor was huge compared to all the ones I had been using in my other printer. My immediate concern was that the specs might be different and perhaps it wouldn't work, but since one of the leads fell off as I was trying to remove it, I didn't have much choice.

The pieces I have are all 100k units and since they seem to work, I'll settle on them for now, but they are very loose in the hot end and even though I used a liberal amount of high temp silicon to keep it in place, it's one thing I'll keep my eye on.

The end of the story is that what I had on hand is working just fine. So if you need to replace one, the 100k thermosistors you see on ebay work just fine and are much cheaper than buying one from XYZ.
what exactly does a thermistor do, I'm having trouble with my printer hot end and am trying to learn everything I can about it.
It measures the temperature of the nozzle.

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