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Converting a 1.0 to dual extrusion
ok i bought the newegg special Da Vinci 1.0 for $399 with free shipping. i have since learned that i want dual extrusion, Soooooo in short my question is. can i use parts from another 1.0 to fill in the blank spots on the controller board and reflash it to the 2.0 duo firmware? i just bought another 1.0 with a broken stepper motor for 150 and would like to canabalize it to make mine dual extrusion. i have been closely inspecting the two boards online the best i can make out is they are the same minus the extras for the second extruder. is this assumption correct and if so can i do this?
based on this thread there are missing component on 1.0 board to be a 2.0 for fan so I guess should be the same for extruder (no driver for motor, motherboard not populated, etc...)
but i have another 1.0 that i was going to remove the surface mounted components such as the driver and complete the board....
You can populate the board and make it work.
Your biggest issue will be mounting the second extruder. Once someone makes the extruder carriage/ housing you will start seeing lots of 1.0 get converted.


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