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Keeping heat in
One thing that has plagued me with running other brands of filament are heavy cracks between layers and delamination. After a lot of reading I decided that my primary problem was with the temperature varying inside the cabinet causing bonding issues with the ABS. I tried a few methods of feeding the filament from outside the printer and while most worked at one level, I always had a feeding problem of some kind within a few days of trying it. The best method I had found was the one you see in the photo - from the same area as the OEM cartridges. Of course this required leaving the cover open and I was back to having cracks and delamination in my prints.

A few days ago I was in my workshop and found a small sheet of 1/4" thick Polycarbonate, just big enough to make a cover for the open spot in my printer. So far I've had no problems with cracking and no delamination at all so far.

The piece of polycarbonate is 9"x14 3/8" and fills the area quite nicely.

[Image: davin1_zps7b6031de.jpg]
Sorry about the missing photo.
Hi I feed like this and never had issue
I tried that position, but had problems with filament breaking when it was printing on the outer edge, near the door. Since I'm printing a lot of full table 5-10mm thick pieces right now, being able to utilize the full bed is very important.

As always, its a matter of juggling priorities.

BTW, I like your spool holder, is that on thingaverse?
ok understood - may be I do not have issue because I do not use full space

for filament holder I did it, it is simple one - because of size, very long compare to printer capability, it need glue, but I also used strong tape, I enclose the files
Thanks a lot! I've tried several frames, but think a wider one might work better for the way I work. I might apply it to the polycarbonate I used, with it feeding backward to the tube - but that might make too much of a drag on it.
I know this thread is largely dead, but here is a thread over on soliforum that people searching for this type of thing might be interested in:
It has been quiet for a while and thanks for pointing that out. In a effort to stir things a bit, here are a couple pics of my printer "cover" and filament rack. One of the advantages of having the big rack on the Plexy I used is the ability to slide everything out of the way in a second. Additionally, having three spools of my favorite colors or type on hand is very nice.

[Image: 20150105_165503.jpg][Image: 20150105_165517.jpg]

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