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Repetier cake and eat it too, USB over network?
First off let me say I really appreciate all the work folks have put in, allowing me so many more freedoms with this hardware. One thing I miss though, is being able to print across the network. With XYZ software I had a raspberry Pi hardwired to the network, with the davinci plugged into it, sharing the USB across the network with virtual here. My two sons and I would print across the network like this with never an issue. At one point I even had an android phone and an OTG cable hosting the printer over the network. With repetier, this became impossible with prints just randomly stopping for no apparent reason. Assuming network latency may be causing repetier to lose connection, I tried saving slices to SD card. This was so unbearably slow I couldnt understand why folks would use this option. That is, until I plugged usb directly and witnessed how fast you can write to the card when directly plugged in.

Im pretty much asking this question to the wind, but why was XYZ software able to write to the SD card so quickly across the network and repetier cant? Has anyone else experienced this at all?
Since you have Raspberry Pi, Do you try OctoPi in Raspberry Pi to do network printing.
If you setup up correctly you can add camera to see the printing over network too.
The repetier's SD write is much slower ( No DMA ). If you use OctoPi as print server upload speed is very fast.
Thanks for the tip Steven, Ill check out octopi for network printing. I already have a PI cam mounted and stream via VLC so I can watch the first layer when not in front of the printer. Sounds like OctoPi integrates several things Im already doing independently.

Did you have to do something special in order to access the Davinci's SD card? All attempts to write to it fail for me, UI will just say saving and never finish. Uploading to the PI does work though which is cool and I like the interface. I lose connection and have to power cycle the printer frequently though, and Im hardwired to the network.

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