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Is anyone out there dealing with extremely inconsistent hot end temperatures, or has anyone solved this issue. I am using repetier firmware right now and when monitoring the hot end temperatures the fluctuation is huge. I set my hot-end to 240C and it will barely reach it. Once it does reach that temp the temp drops back down and sits at right about 236 or less. The temperature will bounce from 239 all the way down to 228. I have messed with autotuning the pid alot but it hasn't changed anything. I have also taken apart my hotend and applied thermal compound to everything which made it slightly better but still ranges up to 8 degrees. I took a temperture graph after i did the work to the hot-end of the hotend idling, not printing, while set at 240C. The next thing i am going to try is checking the impedence of the thermister and heater cartridge wires to see if there is a bad connector or bad wire somewhere along the lines.[Image: 240_exdrud_thermal_new.jpg]
Anyone having simular problems?
Which version of firmware?

Stock hot end or?

The problem has been reported as being noise due to poor grounding after the addition of fan. The solution was top run separate woes for the fan straight to the motherboard to reduce grounds loop noise.ymmv.


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