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Tried printing with PLA - now I think I got a jam
Hey everyone,
I recently bought a Da Vinci 1.0. I printed out a few things with the stock cartridge and everything went smoothly. I then made a filament resetter and tried using Hatchbox filament. I had my concerns, since it is really cheap, but I found the quality to be actually better than the stock filament from the cartridge. I then tried printing with Hatchbox PLA without changing any of the temperature settings - 210 / 90. It printed ok for a while, but now it's doing this when I try to unload the filament:

Does this sound like a filament jam? Could anyone suggest a way to fix this? I can't pull out the filament while it's trying to unload it.

filament shape is not passing well - when I have this I load more then unload just after
The clicking is the gear that feeds the filament slipping. Most likely there is a divot that's been chewed out of the filament and perhaps thats hanging up in the feeder. I'd set the printer into the "load filament" mode and reaching into the open top, pull the feed lever open and manually push the filament down. When you see filament coming out of the nozzle, push a couple more inches of filament through and then pull the filament out of the top of the extruder.

Next load the filament you are wanting to run into the extruder and push enough through the hot nozzle to "flush" out the remains of the PLA.

If that does not work, check out the support videos on the Da Vinci web site. There is one that demonstrates the method of removing the extruder and clearing the filament. It's not a hard thing at all and if you are going to experiment with various filaments, you'll need this skill.

I've been using a lot of hatchbox ABS and have had very good results with it. From what I understand our printers will run PLA, but there are reasons to expect problems. Mostly relating to there being no heat break in the filament path. I'm going to be playing with PLA soon and will post my findings.
Thanks, I'll try this out!

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