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Repetier Bed Centering
Hey guys I have the printer set up with Repetier now and it is printing great!. One issue though that I have come across but cannot seem to fix is that my prints are not coming out centered. I have the recommended EEPROM values that I found on here and have attempted to fix this problem through Slic3r with little results. Whatever I change the bed center values to in slic3r i still get the same results. Any help would be great and there is a screen shot bellow of m EEPROM Values. Any help on this would be much appreciated.

[Image: Eeprom.PNG]
Cant see your screenshot... but generally the corner of the bed closest to the debris tray should be X=0 and Y=0. Adjust the postion manually for 0,0 and then count the number of steps to move the extruder to the home position. Enter that counted value as your 0 position. So, for instance if you had 9.7 MM to move Y from bed 0 to home, then your home/0 position would be -9.7 Hope this makes sense. Once you have your home position set so the bed corner is 0,0 then set the bed size to 200X200X200 and your prints should hopefully be centered.


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