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Just got my machine, recommended mods to start with.
So I just left the world of Solidoodle 3d printers behind. Sick of their frustrating customer support, excuses for horrible quality control on their product, and shafted twice after ordering my second solidoodle the Solidoodle Press, and having them delay shipment twice because obviously they had thrown the machine together in a hurry without really testing it at all.... Anyhow time to forget those terrible terrible memories of going through 2 (that's right 2) Solidoodle 3s. The only reason they didn't give me a third was because I told them I was taking the best parts from each Solidoodle 3 I had on hand and making a properly assembled machine. Then I shipped them the the left overs...

Sigh.... anyhow..... After being ticked off to no end after the customer support shafted me with my press order, I came across the Da Vinci... I about wet myself! Everything that the press was, and more.... plus SD card, LCD, nozzle cleaner, and the list went on. Not to mention $100 less than there MSRP for the press. I could care less if I had to mod the cartridges to get rid of the ridiculous proprietary garbage, and I could even deal with tossing out all the electronics and just wiring up a ramps board I have on hand.... Made my purchase, and I have my Da Vinci 1.0 sitting beautifully behind me.

But now i face the dilemma of what mod to do first...

I am looking at you hard core modders out there to let me know what the basic mods I should do to get rid of the "ok" to "bad" elements of the Da Vinci.

I have my guesses. But I was just hoping someone would give me their wisdom from experience with the machine.

Again, I modded my Solidoodle 3 into an amazing machine, and have 0 fear whatsoever when it comes to mods. I've got a shapeoko, a laser cutter, and mini machine shop on hand. So no need for me to get to know the 3d printing process, or machines in general... Just need guidance about this specific one if you know what i mean.

Thanks in advance! And I am really looking forward to what is comparatively a beautiful work of art in comparison to the Solidoodle world in my opinion.
I haven't done it myself but the mod I want to do is replace the hot end with an E3D unlocking NinjaFlex, PLA, and I imagine any other filament. Here's a forum discussion of a guy doing it:

If you do do it, I'd love to see pictures and hear your experience. I don't have as much modding experience so I'm a bit nervous undertaking replacing the hot end with an E3D. I've done the cartridge resetting and I made a little script to convert gcode to Da Vinci's 3w file format but I'm mostly a software guy.
A couple of things I've done so far are make a cartridge resetter and the Toshiba FlashAir SD card hack for wireless upload of files to the printer but the most important thing was replacing the bearing mounts in the top corners.
I recommend you do this asap as they WILL break if they haven't already. The stock mounts are rubbish, three of mine were cracked after about 20 hours of printing resulting in printed circles coming out oval.
Davinci 1.0 with repetier 0.92 & E3D hotend
Slicer - Simplify3d 

So you have done so many prints it needs to be modified.
Why do you have to Mod?
Use it as it is for awhile.
Perhaps Mod the software, use XYZOpenMod, or flash Repetier firmware and use Repetier-Host to run it.
With Repetier FW and SW you'll be able to adjust all the parameters
set extruder temps for ABS, PLA, Spagetti, NinjaFlex, Chinese Flex, clay, icing whatever?
If you find a problem or something that is making it bad --- then mod????

Thanks for all the responses. Especially a heads up on the bearing mounts. As for why I have to mod? I know I will be disappointed with the results that the stock machine and firmware will give me. I bought the da vinci as opposed to holding onto my extremely modified Solidoodle 3 because the Da Vinci has amazing build quality for price, essentially AWESOME bones to become more than just a good 3d printer, but an amazing one!

From the previous comments, forum research, and initial testing of the machine I have realized that I am definitely chucking the stock firmware in lieu of the repetier firmware. The stock firmware while actually quite beautiful for a non-expert user, feels like walking on crutches for someone who went from open source firmware that i could easily modify to my specific needs, and tweak settings to compensate for the portions of the design that aren't so fantastic.

I would do the cartridge refresher, except I hear that is not needed when you put the repetier firmware on.

Is there a community designed printable extruder mount? Or a community favorite extruder mod to stiffen the extruder/hot end mount? On my last machine i opted to buy a 5:1 geared nema stepper. It was honestly a glorious upgrade, my print quality went up huge leaps with that mod, such perfectly smooth walls because of the extremely even pressure on the filament as it's getting fed into the hotend. That's tough to get with a direct drive system because of the micro pulsing to the stepper.

Is their a github repository with the most popular version of repetier firmware? Have been having a hard time finding it.

Why the upgrade, isn't the stock hotness, extruder assembly capable. It seems to like the heating cartridge is similar to an E3d, and it's an all metal assembly for the most part, with active cooling. Just not enough?
The stock hot end can only print ABS. If you try printing anything else like Nylon or PLA the heat starts to creep up the filament, it becomes soft, and stops feeding/clogs the nozzle/bunch of sadness. With the E3D nozzle you can print any material you want (or so I'm told)
Forgot to post a link to the bearing mounts ....

My preference is for these ones which use an M3 nut to avoid the problem of the threads stripping out ....
Davinci 1.0 with repetier 0.92 & E3D hotend
Slicer - Simplify3d 

You might also find my thumb screw mod helpful when leveling the bed ....
Davinci 1.0 with repetier 0.92 & E3D hotend
Slicer - Simplify3d 

It's definitely a big undertaking and a leap of faith to tear down your machine to do the upgrade but it's totally worth it.

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