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Removing The Extruder

I need to replace the thermistor on the hotend and to access it I have to remove the whole extruder. The only thing is that I can't figure out how to remove the extruder without breaking it. I know the spring clip has to be lifted and the wire connectors unplugged, but something else is holding it in place. Does anyone know how to remove and disassemble the extruder properly?

Here are some pictures to illustrate what I'm trying to do.

[Image: 3DPrinter_DSC02238_zps392df277.jpg]

[Image: 3DPrinter_DSC02239_zpsfc10b5e1.jpg]
Any chance you still have the filament loaded?
Just noticed the 2nd photo. If that is your's you already have the hot-end assembly removed so filament isn't the issue. I wold first remove the heating element (allen wrench to loosen set screw and then push free from non-wired end. You can then use two wrenches to remove the brass hot-end from the assembly. The thermister on mine appears to be glued in so I'm not sure how that is removed.
Looking at the first photo, it appears that light blue filament is somehow loaded directly into the hot-end without going through the guide tube at the top of the carriage.

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