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Power lost during firmware update - now bricked..... help
Power lost during firmware update - now bricked..... help

Firmware was updating and wife unplugged the power accidentally and now I cant print anything.... Just shows black boxes. XYZ Printing is just telling me to ship it back to amazon but I rather not. Any suggestions.
if you still have usb detection when you plug usb cable you can try this :
Get the download from in the download section called and re-flash firmware J using the hardware method. It should fix your problem.
What if I don't have USB Detection?
normally with fw upgrade you still should have usb detection, under windows you have a chime when you plug/unplug USB device - if not a reset with jumper will reset all
It isnt showing up, but Im at work now. Will try all these suggestions when I get home and let you all know. Thank you all for your assistance!
With the jumper trick I was able to get USB detection on port 4. I started the flashing back to the original firmware and the arduino detected com 4 and restarting the printer was able to install the bossac to it. It now shows up in device manager as boassac BUT when I try to flash using the command prompt I get the following error:

Erase Flash
No such file or directory
so it means you command line to flash has mistake the file path should have a typo mistake somewhere
what fw are you tring to flash ? what is the command you use
I actually did have a typo in the code BUT now I have a new problem. Its being recognized by windows as an UNKNOWN USB DEVICE and not a com so how do I finish the process and reenter the serial in arduino if arduino cant find it in a com port.
is XYZ software installed ?
did you remove this unknown device and let do a redetection ?
Yes the software is installed, I will try to remove the device and see what happens with new autodetection and yes I was able to install the old firmware. As of now I can print a lot of Star Vases ^_^

I work third shift so I am at work again now but will try as soon as I get home.

Thanks to everyone for the quick replies and great advice!!! Soon I may have a working printer that can print more then star vases Big Grin
Removing and doing a new autodetection has same issue, Unknown Device instead of printer
you may need to reinstall xyz software to reinstall printer drivers if printer has a xyz fw

for what I can see drivers is in XYZ software directory : NKG_devices_cdc.inf
So, printer is working now but it wont calibrate and when I try to print no filament comes out.... It loads the filament fine and it comes out when it loads the filament but when printing it just pushed hard on the glass and doesnt print.

Calibration said: +245 +265 +185 Calibration Failed
Here's a link to XYZ's instruction to calibrate the heat bed. Hope it helps!
I will do this tonight but would lack of calibration cause it not to print???

Filament comes out when I load a new cartridge or load any filament like it should but when printing, nothing comes out of the print head.

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