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Glass bed delamination problem.
When I received my printer there was a small area on the glass that seemed rough. I wasn't concerned about it since it was only the size of a pen, but now it's getting bigger every day and starting to cause big problems with pieces coming loose from the glass.

Has anybody else seen this? Has anybody switched to the more common red heater/glass combos found online?[Image: 20141027_112439.jpg][Image: 20141027_112439_2014-10-28.jpg]
Larry, that is horrible! When I first got my printer I had a little nick in the glass, like you get when a small pebble hits your windshield. Over the course of a couple months that has grown to the size of a pea and is alot deeper, basically I take a chunk of glass out whenever I pry a piece from the bed, learning to let it cool completely down and there will be no prying! Id reach out to xyz to have that replaced since thats almost half your bed. Ive heard a few folks on this and another forum replacing the bed, but I dont have the courage yet and am still in the information gathering/familiarizing stage.
Thanks for the info. If it can be done, I will. I'm waiting to hear from XYZ about a warrenty replacement since the printer is only a month old, but I'm not holding my breath. I'm beginning to wonder if the bed is glass or something else. My glass started out like you describe yours, just a small divit, like a windsheild rock hit. But after 260 hours of printing, you see what I have.

BTW, I don't use a metal scraper of anything like that. I seem to have a very good sense of how much glue to apply because my prints pop loose as it cools and only on a very rare occassion do I have to pop one loose by hand.

I have a couple spare heated beds and glass for my RepRaps and I guess I could try cutting one down a bit so that it would fit (these are about 1/8" too big) It would be nice to not reley on XYZ for componets like these.
Larry, I wasnt implying that you were doing something to cause this, just stated I personally was impatient and ripping prints off the bed before it cooled, until I noticed that I was taking chunks of glass along with the print. If you do end up upgrading or replacing the bed, could you please share the explicit details with us in the hardware mod section? Im looking to replace the bed and upgrade to a E3D extruder as PLA printing on this thing is very hit or miss. So far instructions Ive seen for both these tasks arent as idiot friendly as I would need, to undertake. Wink Good luck!

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