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Replacing the heated bed/glass
Has anybody found a source for the heated glass/bed that comes on the XYZ? I have a defect in the surface of mine (a 1" wide ripple in the surface near the power connector) that I originally thought was insignificant, but is now causing problems with parts fitting correctly without a lot of rework.

I haven't checked to see if the heater and glass from a 200x200 reprap bed would work as a replacement, but it seems to me that if it would work, that's what we'd have in there.

I sure wish that they had used common parts on this!
You can buy spare parts from xyzprinting store:
The xyz website says "out of stock" and won't even take a back order.

I read on another forum that a user placed a new heater and glass from ebay on top of the existing top. Placed the metal tabs on top of that. Wired it up to the existing wires and offset the bed height -3mm to adjust for the heater and glass being on top. Calibrate and go to work.

I want to build a entire table and replace the whole thing with on that's designed like a machine tool and less like a toy.
My Friend use my printer to Print large parts. But when he try to remove the print he crack the glass.

I went to Henderson glass custom order 2, 8-1/4 x 8-1/4 inch 1/8 inch thick tempered glass , cost $40 +tax. Takes 3 days to get it.
PS. the minimum order of tempered is 144 sq.inch. So order one or two is the same price.

The replacement glass fits nicely in the bed. But removing the heat element from the old glass is much harder.
I end up break the glass to small pieces and use acetone to remove and clean the glue.

Then use 3M spray adhesive to glue the heat element back to new glass.
Here is the print after fix. The result turns out okay. The heat element is not very flat after re-install it. but it seems fine.

Good Luck fixing it![Image: IMG_20141101_093208.jpg][Image: IMG_20141107_184400.jpg][Image: IMG_20141107_184400_2014-11-08.jpg][Image: IMG_20141107_183847.jpg][Image: IMG_00361.jpg]
Nice work. I'm impressed you were able to get the heat element off without damaging it.

Is the 3M adhesive going to hold up to the heat?
i had the same issue with the ripple on my second 1.0 so i took the heater/glass out, peeled the heater off and used lable remover to remove adhesive from glass surface then i fliped it over to where the good surface was up and re-glued it to the heater pad then re-installed it on the carriage. works perfectly. and for concerns for the glue releasing, the 3m that i use ( isnt going anywhere and if it does the heat barrier insulation actually presses pretty firmly on the back of the glass.
Quote:Is the 3M adhesive going to hold up to the heat?

3M adhesive has no issue with the heat, I have some issue with the one side of new glass surface. I had to remove the heating element again with acetone and flip the glass.
Everything seems fine. The print quality is same as before.
I did pay $50(+$8 ) shipping get the official heat bed too. Just in case something goes wrong.
It come with both heated bed wire and temperature sensor wire. Also include the leveling nuts in the bottom.
[Image: DaVinci1.0HeatedBed.jpg]

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