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swap repetier based control board on my 2.0 duo
So far as I can tell, no one has been able to hack their duo to allow the use of an advanced slicer such as slic3r or repetier. So my question if I can't hack my board can I replace it with an arduino or one from a DIY kit?

any ideas would be greatly duo is killing me. I paid an extra $170 for a machine that only lets me use XYZware and the "privilege to use only XYZ cartridges"



Then he must know how to properly adjust Slic3r and install firmware
Yes we are several having a duo and moved to repetier, I use repetier/cura without issue
Thank you! I wasn't aware that anyone was working on this issue, I know others have been looking into using custom software for the 2.0 with no success.

is the firmware install procedure for the 2.0 the same as with a 1.0?

Thank you!
yes same procedure,
I was looking at Luc's configuration.h and I couldn't find how to change the number of fans. do you know if this file's default values are 2 extruders and 2 fans?

I would like to give you a heads up that I am very new to working with software. I may ask a couple dumb questions before I finish installing the firmware, so I hope you will humor my lack of knowledge. I would love to learn enough to be useful and help modify the 2.0 duo.
you do not have to change anything but this line:
#define DAVINCI 1 // "1" For DAVINCI 1.0, "2" For DAVINCI 2.0 with 1 FAN, "3" For DAVINCI 2.0 with 2 FAN

all is already preset according this setting so for Davinci 2.0 with 2 fans change #define DAVINCI 2
I would suggest to read code and repetier documentation to learn

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