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Extruder Heats Up, immediately cools, and filament jams.
I have a Duo and it has been a gem after all these mods: I use Simply3D for slicing, XYZPro for resetting the cartridge, and the SD Card shuffle/SAMPLE0x.gcode for printing.

It is now getting a Filament Jam error recently. After much debugging and trial and error the issue is that the extruder heats up to the target temp in the gcode then immediately starts cooling (fan, etc., in gcode is set to off). Once it cools to 190C... Filament Jam.

Both extruders are cooling. I can tell this from the LED.

For whatever reason (maybe a loose wire) it is just not holding the heat after it is achieved.

Any ideas?

i had that problem with my 1.0 and i cut out the quick connection and just spliced the wires. and never had the problem again..
It could be a loose connection, or it could be bad gcode in your start-up script. Can you post the gcode startup script you're using?

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