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due to an unidentified cartridge, your printer has failed
I got a message today after successfully using the Volvito cartridge resetter for a while and this is very upsetting! Anybody have a solution to this?

"due to an unidentified cartridge, your printer has failed"
what firmware version and XYZWare version are you on?
Hey fr333n3rgy,

I do not Know what happened but the other day I got a pop up that said my printer was disconnected right after inserting a Zapped Cartridge. I tried the usual fixes, restarts, chkg the com port,etc. Tonight I shut it all down and restarted the computer (win 8) first. when it was up, I plugged in the USB while the pr was off. When i turned the machine on, i got the new device beep.then launched xyz ware. it printed a whistle with no complaints. I am using 1.2.3 firmware and software. Although it is screaming for me to update xyzware.!

So looks like all is well on my end. thanks
firmware 1.2.3 (and looks like the latest xyzware) has remote disconnect ability -- xyzcorp can disable your printer remotely by comparing serials and if they choose to do so (that is why these new errors are intermittent) -- use the firewall to block xyz.exe and I strongly suggest that you go back to 1.1.J - get the guide on how to do this from here or my download area on

It is pretty lame that xyzcorp FORCES users to use their overprices, low quality filaments. Bad business model (no company, to my knowledge has ever built so much spyware and remote control to any product).

Good Luck,

P.S. once you block xyz.exe, it will not bug you anymore to update Smile
I downgraded the firmware to the 1.1.J . I have the latest software (not sure how to check it). I guess it auto updated because it used to run fine. As far as the firewall goes, there is no "xyz.exe" on the list... It sure is annoying to have to disconnect from the internet every time I want to use this printer though.

The resetter is an excellent workaround and I have had great success using hatchbox filament, but after this software update maybe the problem is there. I like the updated software because there are more features. I just don't like not being able to use my printer!
I will also say that the older XYZware software that does not have this problem would be unusable for me, because I need to have consistent scaling.

The newer versions of the software allow you to manually type in the percent scaling, while the older versions only have an inaccurate sliding bar to determine the sizing. This would be great except that I have to slice larger 3d models into sections, and all of the sections have to be scaled to exactly the same %[Image: asshat.png]
Okay so here is my solution:

Downgrade to 1.1.J
Never Upgrade
Resize Using Netfabb and Meshlab as Necessary

Seems Good Enough
Tonight was my turn for this. I've consistently refused "upgrading" since I was finally able to get rid of the black bars syndrome. I have another plate of parts to print over night, the filament estimator says 236 meters of filament and I only have 90 meters left "in" the cartridge. After resetting like I've done twice today, and putting the cleared cartridge back into the printer, I am informed the "Due to...." statement and can go no further.

I guess this will force my hand to reset the firmware to Repetier just a bit sooner than I'd planned.

So here's question for any US attorneys we might have on the site. Would this action of attempting to force us to use their filaments etc. be a violation of the Munsford Act (I think that's the correct name)? Although it's been used in the after market automobile parts industry, I'd think it should apply. For those not familiar with it, the act came about as a result of some automobile makers refusing some warranty claims unless you had exclusively used their oils, filters and parts, even for routine maintenance. The company was really slapped hard and customers involved in the class action suit didn't come out to bad. The result is that you can use any quality parts or lubricants in your car and the maker cannot refuse to fix anything under warranty. They certainly cannot disable your car if you don't put Motorcraft oil in your Ford.

Back to my printer, The firmware is "j" and the xyzware firmware was At this point I pulled up my disk that came with the machine and installed XYZware and, not too surprisingly I can go back to printing.

It's funny how with over 400 hours on the machine, and all but the first 50 hours with a hacked chip and a 1kg spool sitting outside the printer, it's given me no problem at all. I did notice that the serial number block is now blank after I changed the firmware. Perhaps that was checked, I don't really know what they used.
Funny you should mention attorney... I'm kind of waiting to see if a class action lawsuit develops out of their attempting to lock the printer to no aftermarket parts.


There are many others. It sets a president, as filiment is the type of ink or printers use.

I and others have been on the wrong side of a warrenty problem with Dodge. If you have one of their diesel trucks and you made ANY modification - right down to non-dodge air/oil fiters - they wanted to cancel your 100,000 mile warrenty. If you did any modification to the truck like bigger tires, they'd refuse to cover any drivetrain repairs. That took about a year to end up in front of a judge, who spanked them baddly. There is some continuing issue with removal of EPA mandated products that actually cut life expectancy of the motor by 50%+, but that's another issue.

The end of the story is for us in the US, that no manufactorur can demand that you use exclusivly their maintinence supplies to maintain ANY product. Othewise we'd have copier companies demanding that we only use paper and toner they make. And to take that further and claim they have a right to disable your machine, rendering it unusuable for the purpose it was sold unless you exclusivly use their supplies is a blatiant violation.
Dodge is wrong. Federal law basically states that unless the aftermarket part or its installation can be proven to have caused your failure the warranty must be honored. In other words, if you put a muffler on the exhaust and the engine fails the engine should be replaced under warranty unless it can be proven the muffler caused the damage. For instance, if the muffler was totally sealed and increased the back pressure which changed the fuel ratio causing the failure -- then it might not be covered. But again, it muct be able to be *proven*.

XYZ is wrong. I have heard they are doing the same thing as dodge. In addition, I believe blocking the use of aftermarket parts is illegal and violates the fair trade act and anti-trust laws. As if that wasnt enough, the disabling of private property because a user installs something aftermarket is all-get-up-illegal. Thats before we start talking about their failure to release source code as required by the open source software licenses of the software they apparently stole (seeing as how they arent complying with the license terms.)

I have told XYZ in no certain terms that people ARE watching their actions and they are seriously risking a lawsuit. I dont expect them to listen.

Imagine if the engine shut off in your dodge and a sign lit up on the dash that said "aftermarket oil filter detected - you can no longer drive until the situation is resolved."

How long would a lawsuit take? A better question is how long until enough people get upset enough to do something about it.

So I had the same thing happen to me. I finally got everything working perfect. Got the resettle and all was well, then onenter day got the can't reconize error. Thought if I got a new cart and just used there's it would work like normal but that doesn't even work so now I have a 500 paperweight that won't do anything even with a new cart still gives errors.
I'd be burning up the phone line to XYZ, demanding that they repair or replace your printer that their spyware locked up. Police are required to get a search warrant before they are allowed in my home - Just why do these people think they can broach my computer security, inspect my equipment and software and if they don't like what they find they can fire a software bomb to lock me out of the equipment I legally purchases and freely own? This is not China and they don't have a right to do this to us.

At the very least you can do what most of us have done - wipe out the firmware and reload g or j and also the XYZ ware replacing it with a older copy. Then you'll have everything back under your control.

Some folks have nuked all the XYZ crap software and are running Repeatier or another like open source firmware and slicer. Then you are completely free of XYZ.
So spoke with support and they basically told me that I must have been messing with the carts and that when they updated my machine they disable it and there was nothing they could do for me and that I would have to buy a new one or and deal with the paperweight. Was not good customer service at all. So looks like I'm I'm without a print because I'm not buying a new one since thus was running perfect since I bought it
Get this is writing from them.
The queue up the class action law suit!
Not to sound simplistic but I got this error once and thought hmm they cant control my printer if it is off the grid. I unplugged the USB cord and have no more errors. I am going to go back to J so I don't have to worry about it.
I'm not certain just where/when XYZ installed their little back door, but I'm at "J" too and hope it's far enough. What I do know is that I'll never recommend any of their products and I'll never buy another one. I've built Pursa i3, MendelMax 1.5 and I'm just finishing a v2. The XYZ sits in my office, being what I wanted it for, a rapid prototype machine, crunching out one off parts - but I'll never be able to trust it or the company again.
I sent them i nice email a few ago. Here it is, spelling errors and all. To date, as expected, no response from them. It's not the first time I've pointed out their illegal actions directly to them.


I pointed out to you all numerous times you are only hurting your customers with the firmware modifications that serve only to lock users into your ink. It will not make us buy your ink, it hurts future sales, and you lose customer loyalty. In addition, it's been ruled illegal.

As an example, i would love to buy the printer with the scanner, but why should i?? So i can experience files that can't be exported and imported? So i can only print in your limited colors, none of which even glow in the dark or have flexible florescent colors? Or maybe so i can stop using pla? (Which I've been doing for some time now --- yet you guys still can't figure it out and release the pla we were promised? Hahah!)

Sorry , but no thanks.

By limiting trade, i mean your intentional illegal attempts to disable printers and prevent fair trade by aftermarket suppliers of filament. Look at the class action lawsuits against printer companies that intentionally blocked aftermarket ink.

Here are a few examples. (this applies to the prove gouging of the cost of filament, since you charge 2-3 times what i can buy filament on a spool for. ) (your chip expiring the filiment cartridge even though I've had 2 cases where more than 1 meter wad left on the spool, which would have done my print job )

Your soon going to find out it is illegal to disable that which a customer has bought, even if you don't like what they do with it. Using the aftermarket filament is not in any way illegal, but your disabling a printer for doing so damn sure is.

You should also research the federal law. You will find that voiding the warranty for tampering with the cartridge or printer is illegal unless it can be proven the tampering caused the failure. You all have clearly done this too.

Here, I'll save you the trouble finding the warranty law:–...rranty_Act

***No, I'm not making a claim, I'm trying to save your ass by telling you what's being looked at and observed on the back end. You are illegally using open source software, you are illegally and intentionally causing failed prints with aftermarket filiment, and now you are engaging in the illegal process of disabling users printers. ***

Very nicely done Keith. May I suggest that as many of us as possible use your well put letter as a starting point, edit it as desired (with your permission, of course) and see if we can flood their legal department until we do hear from them? I'm certain I'm not the only one here who has an attorney on retainer that I plan to soon have a conversation with. These companies might ignore a few letters from consumers, but having an attorneys header on top of the letter can often open the door for a response.

The more the better folks. Let's follow Keith's example.

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