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I've just purchased my first 3D printer - the Da Vinci Duo. It's been quite impressive so far. I expected less truthfully.

The only complaints so far are the following:

- After printing the demonstation vase, I've found it's fairly easy to pull apart the joints where the colours intersect. The solid colours themselves are good and strong. Is there any solution to this?

- Just printed my first Sketchup model and noticed it lost information from XYZprinting application, where it appears as it should, to the printer. It didn't print the holes, nor the perimeter bevel, Anyone have such problems? I first thought since I'm so new to all of this I was modelling it incorrectly, but it does appear as designed after importing into the xyzprint application.

Thanks in advance
If you can, post up the Sketchup model, the STL (which converter are you using?), and the sliced file XYZ puts out. I'll take a look if I can, but there are others who may have more experience in this department.

As to the delam, I only have the single extruder, and I only got delam issues with thin walls (1-2 passes thick, and only then when pressure is applied) and when my bed was not leveled properly. Check your calibration and see how it looks.
heres the STL file:
here's the Sketchup file:
I am using the STL import/export tool for sketchup. I think thats what its called.

I have no idea how to find the sliced file (gcode?) xyz generates.

My bed is calibrated for +-5 from the desired 100. It seems to print quite accurately, just the thin walls of that demo print delaminate between colours.
After the slicer is done, click save. That's your file Big Grin. I do that after long slicing times so I can easily reprint something.

I've been using CADspan for my STL conversions. It's a plugin within SU. There's two modes, a simple export, and another one that uploads the file to their servers, does some magic with it, and sends back an STL. It's supposed be good for complex structures with internal voids, but I've always used the simple export and had few problems.
OK, some issues with the Sketchup file.
First, theres a lot of internal lines and other small structures that could be giving the STL converter fits.
Secondly, you have some faces facing the wrong way. But because the edges have been rounded, it's all one giant face now, so clicking reverse faces doesn't work. Hopefully you have a version saved prior to rounding the edges (fredo6 plugin?) so you can fix the faces and the internal geometry. All your exterior pointing faces need to be white, not the grey color.

There's a few extra lines showing up on the outside too. And I see a couple literal holes in the surface, those need closed off and cleaned up.

I've found the best SU -> STL conversions happen with drawings that are as clean as possible. All faces on the surface are white, and there are no extra lines or unused geometry present.

I'm guessing those holes are most of the problem, since they are openings directly into the solid body, the converter is thinking the arm is actually hollow, and then the printer/slicer is thinking the real holes can't exist, because you can't have an unsupported tube within a hollow structure.
Thank you for taking the time to help me out.

I'm very grateful someone took the time to look at my crappy model. That's the result of my first few hours on SU so I expected many problems. I was shocked it was able to print anything resembling it at all to be honest.

Everything you mention makes sense to me, now I just need to learn more and figure out how to fix it.

P.S. Yes, I did at least have the foresight to save a copy before I performed the Fredo rounded corners operation.

Thanks again!
There's a plugin called solid inspector, use that. It will highlight any faults in your object with a big red circle.
Forgot about it and I ran it today on your object.... it's not pretty.

I'd post a pic I took of it... but photobucket is down for maintenance, and I don't feel like opening another account somewhere right now. Let me just say, I'd run SI and fix all the highlighted errors.

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