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Say What?
Trying to print a bulkhead for a model boat, it barely fits into the print area. I printed an earlier test piece that was marginally smaller, it printed fine, but I found my tracing of the photo I took wasn't exact enough, so one side was a hair small. This time I scanned an actual bulkhead on a 2d scanner and traced the photo (after calibrating it to a known line length). First test print went fine. This one is throwing errors. I have never seen these errors. ( I do have XYZware firewalled to the net, but not the local zone, maybe it's grumpy about that?)

[Image: Capture_zps072e4669.jpg]

[Image: Capture2_zps4a868f2a.jpg]

Any ideas?
It doesn't generate this error with other objects, just this one.

If it helps, I use Sketchup for my design, then export it to stl, then import it into XYZ ware.

I'm really hoping to get this to print with this outer perimeter in one piece, would make this project A LOT easier.
I've seen this error before but am not sure Why.

The error shows up anytime I try to use the XYZWare software to export a model or send an STL to the printer. Luckily, the laptop that is connected directly to the printer is in my workshop and has connection to my dropbox. The XYZWare software does work on my desktop in the other room.

Try using a different machine to EXPORT the model, then open the 3w file on your printer machine (transfer with usb, email, dropbox, etc.). Hopefully you've got multiple workstations and can do this. It's a pain in the butt but at least I can print this way.

Good luck. Let us know what happens.

I had this error as well. I rotated and flipped the object in xyzware and then it worked. It's a bug in the slicing program.

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