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Personal Mini-Shredder: The Mighty Shredder
After a few late nights of 3D design, I've come up with an affordable mini shredder that will handle not only your mis-prints but also be able to recycle PET bottles and other printer-compatible materials. The initial 3D cad is done and a very quick picture is attached. I'll make this available as a DIY kit with all pre-cut precision parts pre-cut (either water-jet or laser-cut) Just add your own printed sides (files will be on thingiverse) to keep the KIT costs down (youtube videos are on the way too).

The goal of this product is to recycle materials (free and abundant around us) in order to create filastruder and other compatible filament extruder supply - rendering your filament costs practically free (if you exclude the few cents for the electricity).

Keep an eye on the website in the DIY section, I plan to post more information in the next few weeks.
Your feedback and requests are as always welcomed.

Let's clean up the dumpsters of all those water bottle and bring down the cost of PET filament to ... nothing and recycle all those ABS toys and electronic enclosures as well by doing it all ourselves, at home.

....And ... If your kids are bad and drives you nuts, we can recycle all that lego too! Tongue

Initial 3D CAD Image:

These are the major key goals
* Able to recycle prints and support materials from failed prints
* Able to recycle PET or other compatible plastics
* Produce filament extruder compatible pellets
* Use as many economical off the shelf parts as possible
* Use as many printable parts as possible (to lower costs)
* Build a strong lasting construction
* Keep costs of unit @ lowest possible
* Modular design (expandable)
* Kit form so that it can be shipped cheaply
* Easy assembly without the need of any special tools

Looks like a remix of the composter that was on thingiverse a few months ago.

Either way, good job!
I am sure that there are other shredders out there that look similar (a shredder is a shredder). The challenge has been in designing it in a way that making it in small batches is still cost effective (it easy to design a shredder if you can afford to pay $300+ for waterjet + additional parts + labor etc but I am aiming at a $300 for the whole kit) ...

This is only 1 component of my complete "vision" . There is a pelletizer that connects to this shredder (coming out later).

I want to give people the ability to recycle plastic materials and produce standard size pellets to either use or resell and make some money in the process.

It'll be fun to see how this develop. I'll post more once I start the build.

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